Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Wonderful Christmas

I know this post is a little bit late, but I thought I should update you all. Our Christmas was fantastic! It has been so amazing to spend time with all of our families, and even meet some of the family that we'd never met before. It's great! Friday after spending time with my grandparents, we basically crashed and went to bed. Saturday we had three Christmases. First, we celebrated with my other grandparents, then Jimmy's mom's boyfriend's family, then Jimmy's mom. Needless to say, that was a long day. On Christmas day, we spent time with my parents, then went to church and made our way to go see Jimmy's aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents. Later that evening we went to see his dad for a few minutes.
I'm exhausted for the weekend. Monday we went shopping with Jimmy's dad and siblings. We also got some pretty amazing pizza. If any of you are ever in Okemos, MI, go to Old Chicago. It's delicious!
Yesterday we didn't do too much. I went to the movies with one of my best friends from home. Hubby and I went to dinner with my grandparents. It's been a very busy leave.
Now, for today.... I'm about to hop into the shower, then we're heading to town. We're meeting some of our best friends for Fazoli's and movies. I'm not sure what we're seeing this afternoon, but I'm sure it will be good. Tonight I'm meeting with one of my friends to teach me how to use our new camera. We got a Cannon T2i for Christmas (LOVING IT!). After I meet with her, I'm heading to another friend to catch up. Tomorrow isn't entirely filled up yet, but I'm sure it will be.
We had a fantastic time visiting with everyone, which is by far the best part of Christmas, but I shouldn't leave out the gifts we received. We got the camera as I mentioned before, a sewing machine, Craftsman tools, a Magic Bullet, some maple syrup and pancake stuff, a super plunger (inside joke in my family), a puzzle that has taken years to finish, a quilt, some clothes, apple rings, Bath & Body Works stuff, and some gift cards. Overall, I'd say we had a pretty great Christmas.
I'm sad though, since there's a chance that Jimmy won't be here for next Christmas. We haven't gotten official orders for a deployment yet, but his unit is due sometime next year I'm sure. We'll make the best of the time we have, as we always will. Living life to the fullest is the only way to go!
Soon, I'll have a pretty important post coming out. Expect it sometime in the next two weeks. Believe me, when you read it, you'll freak. Oh, I almost forgot! I have the best dog in the world. Look at what she puts up with:)

God Bless ♥ Vi.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve and we're celebrating with two families today. We celebrated with my grandparents yesterday, it was great! Today, we are celebrating with my other grandparents and with my husband's mom's boyfriend's parents. That should be pretty fun. We've got a few Christmases tomorrow as well. Hubby's dad isn't back from the road yet, so we'll be celebrating with him next week. We've also got Hubby's mom's and her sister's... Along with my parents' too. That's the biggest challenge we faced this week: finding time for all the Christmases we had to attend. Everything has gone smoothly this week.
On a sad note, my computer's battery is dying. I think that the battery got too cold on the way up to Michigan and it broke something... But I'm not quite sure. All I know is that it has been unplugged for less than half an hour and it's gone from 80% to 51%. This battery used to last about 3 or 4 hours. Now I'm lucky to get an hour out of it.
I guess I know what I'm getting with my Christmas money!
Have a happy and safe holiday season. God Bless ♥ Vi

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeling Good!

It's so wonderful to be home for the holidays. ♥ I'm loving being able to see all of my friends and family. It feels great to be back where my husband and I grew up. I won't lie, it was a little weird for a few days but it is much better now. It's very different not being the woman of the house.
One thing that has bothered me a little bit is my friends are ditching me at the last minute. There have been a few times now that we've had plans made for week and my friends will just come up with something else to do at the last minute, or they'll have had other the plans the whole time and are just leaving me in the cold. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I can't hang out with my friends or go to the mall or do anything I want for that matter. My husband and I have an understanding: we are only home for a few weeks so we want to see as many people as we can in that short time. Most of my friends are home for a month from college, but some of them haven't even left town to begin with. I've only got two weeks. Actually, it's less than that.
I just want to see my friends. Is that too much to ask? Even if my friends don't want to spend time with me, buck up and tell me. I've changed a bit since I moved to Georgia, yes that's true. I don't put up with liars and cheaters anymore. If you do me wrong, and you don't apologize or at least acknowledge it.... Consider yourself cut off.  I've realized that life is just too short to deal with people who don't treat you right. The world is full of people, people that will gladly treat you as you deserve to be treated.
This all being said, friends: I want to see every one of you before I leave. However, I don't have a car here. So please, call me/text me/Facebook me! Figure out a time for us to meet up. We only have until the 30th! I love and miss you all.
Happy Holidays and Gob Bless ♥ Vi.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We made it back to Michigan safely! The trip went well too. We didn't have hardly any traffic problems except for one traffic jam in South Carolina. Without stops, the trip is supposed to take about 14.5 hours. We made it in about 16.5. I was extremely excited about that. Usually, between meals and bathroom breaks, along with stopping for gas, we add about four or five hours to the trip. Hubby and I were so excited to go home, there was no stopping us.
Now for the best part: we actually went home on Friday instead of Monday like everyone was expecting. At about 5:30am on Saturday morning, we walked into my husband's mom's house and sat on the couch. She came up stairs to see what all the noise was and freaked out when she saw us. It was great:) We surprised my parents too. My dad plows and salts some of the area parking lots. As we were coming into town to get gas before heading to my house, we saw him in ValuLand's parking lot. So we parked and I aimlessly wandered the lot until my dad saw me. We went to my parents' house after that and surprised my mom. I loved seeing all their faces.
Yesterday was quite a long day. I was in the ER for quite a few hours but everything is fine. I wasn't feeling to great after spending so much time cramped in the truck. All the travel had caught up with me, but I'm still healthy as can be.
We've got a busy week ahead of us, seeing all our families and friends before we head back at the end of the month. Today holds Christmas shopping and much needed hair cuts. We'll see how the rest of the week plays out.
Happy Holidays and God Bless ♥ Vi

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keeping it Classy

I thought I should give an update about the whole debacle from yesterday. I'm still laughing to be honest. Long story short, one of the people who follows this blog, whom I also know in person, assumed that a comment I made in the Why I Love and Hate The Army post was directed towards her and her family. This is not the case. Everything I said in that post was based on general happenings that I have witnessed. Nothing said was a shot at someone, accusing someone, or directed towards anyone. The description of my blog is: a place for people who what to know what it's like living the life of an Army wife. I was simply informing my followers of some of the things I've seen. So, here I go... being the better person like I should be. I'm sorry for offending any of you in my update yesterday. However, I will not be taking the post down, nor will I be editing it. The issue is done now and I will make no further comments on it unless someone comes to me.

On another note, I'm done with my first semester at GSU! I'm so ecstatic to finally be finished. I'm officially a sophomore in college now. On top of that, we will be home so soon! I can't wait to take a road trip with my husband. I've been really stressed about finishing up the semester on a good note so a road trip will do me some good. It will be great to see our families again. I think the next two weeks are going to be great!

Mia and I had girl time yesterday since I only had one final and it wasn't until 5:30. We cleaned and watched movies. We also played with the web cam. That never ends well.... as you can see.
She still loves her mamma though. She's cuddling me and won't leave me alone today. She's such a good dog when she's not eating everything in sight. She's grown quite a bit since we got her. I can't believe we've had her for four months already. Time flies when you're having fun, right?
God Bless ♥ Vi

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let Me Just Say This

This blog is my opinion. Do me a favor, look up the first amendment. Freedom of speech is my right. I can say what I want on this blog. So, now let me say this.

If you do not like what you are reading, STOP READING IT. I'm not going to sit here and apologize for offending you or your family. The things I say and write about come from my personal experience and personal views. If I feel that you did something wrong and it's bothering me, I am going to write about it as I please. I have never used names or any other form of identification to discuss who I talk about, nor do I plan to. So, if you're assuming that a post I write is about you, you've got a guilty conscience. It is not my fault that you think I'm talking about you. For all you know, I came up with the ideas for my entries out of my head, which is often the case. If you've got a problem with me or my blog, comment on it. Show some courage. Don't rant about it on your Facebook and throw a little temper tantrum. Unless you're six years old and reading this, which I doubt any of you are... then  address your problems with me to me, not the rest of the world.

For those of you who don't have a problem with what I write, please continue to follow me. I will continue to be just as opinionated and judgmental as I have been throughout this entire blog. I'm not going to change my ways because one or two people don't like how I operate.

I adore my followers. You people keep me sane. I don't know what I would do without you all. If you have any topics you would like me to cover, or have questions about my life in general, please feel free to comment on any of these posts and let me know. My life is an open book.

God Bless.  ♥ Vi.

Why I Love and Hate the Army


I love the Army because it provides for my family. 
     The pay isn't fantastic, but it's nothing to complain about. The benefits like health care and dental are unbeatable. The post housing (though we opted out of it) is safe and secure (for the most part).

I love the Army because it gives my husband something to do that makes him happy. 
     He loves his job. Tanks are pretty much the best thing in the world to him. He loves shooting them at gunnery. In fact, he told me that he almost likes being in the field more than being at home. He's not bored in the field, I guess.

I love the Army because it protects our freedoms and lives.      This one is pretty self explanatory. Soldiers fight wars to protect our liberties that most of us take for granted.

I love the Army because it has given me a wonderful (crazy) life. 
     I probably wouldn't be married if it weren't for the Army. I probably wouldn't be at GSU with all my wonderful new friends. I definitely wouldn't be at Fort Stewart. I wouldn't have learned as much as I have about the world in general, especially not the military. Lastly, I probably wouldn't have found my true calling to military history. It fascinates me. I wouldn't have Mia, or our house, or any of the wonderful things I have. I love my life. ♥

I love the Army because it emphasizes team work. 
     When one person fails, the rest of the company is responsible for supporting him until he passes. Everything is a team effort in the Army. There isn't really a solo act that I can think of.


I hate the Army because it takes my husband away from me. 
     I am not going to rant about this though. I knew what I signed up for in marrying a soldier. They're gone a lot. Plain and simple.

I hate the Army because it doesn't communicate. 
     There have been many times that my husband was supposed to be home, say... Tuesday and didn't return until Friday. Plans change on a dime, constantly. Sometimes a deployment is right around the corner, then as soon as you've finally prepared for it, they decide that it's a few blocks away. This isn't something to complain about, except when it works the other way around.

I hate the Army because it puts up with too much crap. 
     I don't know how much I've seen happen in the Army world that would never fly in the real world. People are late to work all the time. In the real world, they'd get fired. In Army world, they get told to be on time next time. When people get DUIs, in the real world... they'd go to court and get fined big time, maybe even lose their job. In Army world, "Bad Soldier!" and extra duty for a few days... Oh no! (sarcasm...)  When people beat their kids, real world: kids are taken away and parent goes to jail. Army world: parent loses custody for a few days, then returns home and "gets help" (that doesn't really help). This is by far the thing that agitates me the most. I hate this about the military. You should know, military law takes priority over civilian law.

Well, that's the end of my list. I'm anxiously awaiting our holiday leave to go home. Less than a week! I'm so excited. I have two more finals to take this week. Then I'll be off for a month! It will be a busy month though, but it will be good to not spend two and a half hours in a car every day. I'm going to go study and pack now.
God Bless ♥ Vi

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well, it's safe to say that I'm entirely exhausted from the past three days. We haven't done anything super exciting, I just haven't been sleeping all that great. I've been napping a lot which is making it harder for me to sleep through the night. So, today: no naps. I'm dying.
Friday, hubby didn't have to work so we went to our friends' house and hung out with them for a while. I got my flu shot (no fun). Then we started cleaning and whatnot since I was so busy the week before. We went to a light parade that night too. That was quite a bit of fun. Christmas parades in the South are much different than those in the North. I felt like such a Yankee since most of these floats were pretty lame. We have high standards in the north.
That's part of Army life, I suppose: the cultural changes you're bound to witness. I see it often, between the language and traditions, the clothing, and just about everything else. It's really cool how much things change throughout our country.
Yesterday, hubby and I had a Christmas dinner with some friends since we won't be here for Christmas. It was delicious. I cooked a ham and it turned out wonderfully. I'm learning how to cook a little more each day.
Today has been a pretty lazy day. We finished up our Christmas shopping except for two more presents that we'll get when we go back to Michigan. We're so excited, we started packing today (a whole week early). I'm so ready to see my family again.
Well, I'm going to go cram for final exams this week and go to bed. God Bless ♥ Vi.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Another Week Down

I've learned that it's easiest to count things in weeks. The semester when so fast since I counted weeks instead of days. Mia has grown so much, and it's gone by so quickly. I can't believe I've been married for 5 months already.
I've got another week of college before break, (exams)... So that should be fun. Then we will be home-bound! I have some more present wrapping to do before we go home, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue. I'm just so exhausted from this week. I know that tomorrow is only Friday, but hubby doesn't have to work so it's like the weekend for me. I'm ready to go home, but at the same time I have tons to do while we are here.
I'm getting anxious to see everyone again. It will have been almost six months, which makes me a little sad. The holidays will be great though. I'm excited to see snow again, even though I hate the cold. As of now, we don't have any snow in Michigan, but a week and a half is plenty of time to get a few inches. My hubby and I are excited to see what Mia does in snow. It should be a wonderful time!
Well that's all for now. I've gotta be up early tomorrow.
God Bless ♥ Vi.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Pookie Monster

Mia has been a very bad dog today. Usually, she's an angel... Today, devil is an understatement. I get so frustrated with how she is great one day and evil the next. Every time that I trust her, she betrays me and ruins something. This morning I was irked to find all of the Christmas presents I wrapped for our families destroyed, my husband's eye-pro eaten (again), wrapping paper everywhere, and three giant piles of poop among other things. Between this late night escapade and her previous escape, I figure she's eaten about $400-500 worth of our stuff. She's so expensive.
My husband and I were thoroughly debating getting rid of her but I don't think I could do it. This dog is like a child to me. She is my baby and I know I couldn't make it through an deployment without her. So for now, we'll be keeping her in her kennel at night and watching her like a hawk.
Only two more weeks until we're headed home for Christmas! I've got final projects due this week at school and final exams next week. I'm going to be so stressed. I already am actually.
I must stay calm though. Prayers would be much appreciated for the next few weeks.
God Bless ♥ Vi

Friday, December 02, 2011

Better Days

Today has been a thousand times better than the last week. I've gotten a lot accomplished and it's only 3:30! Even though I've got about eight more pages to write for one class, a project to do for another, and studying to do for everything.... I consider the five pages I've written and the article I've found to be a success. I did a lot of cleaning this morning too. Since hubby is out in the field again, I'm staying with my friend so I haven't been home much. We did a little bit of Christmas decorating earlier this week, but I did more today. I've washed some walls, done loads of laundry (no pun intended), done dishes, and finished up some Christmas presents. I'm feeling the holiday spirit lately, it's nice.
I know I mentioned it in another post, but I feel the need to elaborate more. Last year, I was so down from only seeing my hubby for a week from July to November. I was emotionally drained to the point of exhaustion. Honestly, I spent much of the holiday season in my room sleeping or doing homework. I didn't help decorate the tree or the house, I didn't help bake Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and I certainly didn't help tear down the decorations. This makes me sad now since it was my last Christmas at home... Even though we're going back home for Christmas this year, it will be different since my  home is 1,000 miles South of where I'll be. I'm excited to go home though! Two more weeks! The next two weeks are about to be hectic though.
Next week, I've got two presentations to do, tons of papers to turn in, and a few more tests to take before finals week. I'm not nearly prepared for all of this. Not to mention, I've got a doctor's appointment and I have to get a Christmas tree too.
The following week, finals. That's all that needs to be said about that. I'm nervous, to say the least. I don't have an exam in one of my classes, and another we've already received the prompt for. It shouldn't be too bad. I'm most concerned about my history class and my music appreciation class. Keep me in your prayers.
Today has just been great all around, except my hubby isn't home. Tomorrow he will be, so it will be even better! I can't wait to cuddle again! I should probably get back to my homework now though.
God Bless. ♥Vi

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things Change

The number one lesson I've learned from being an Army wife is that you can't ever count on anything. Ever. Let's take this week for example. First, the boys were supposed to go to the field Sunday night and be back Tuesday. Okay, no biggie. Then, they changed it to Monday morning until Tuesday. No complaints from me. NOW... He's been in the field since Monday, still not home, and doesn't know when he'll be home.
It would be wonderful if the Army could plan ahead for... everything? or at least something! It's like this all the time. Those of you who are already actively involved in the military know exactly what I'm talking about. Those of you who are considering it, be warned: it's awful for planning.
As some of you may recall, when my husband and I were planning our wedding, the leave dates changed about a million times. We were trying to schedule everything around when his company was getting tanks. However, that date changed more times than I can even remember. It was nearly impossible to plan anything.
This is the biggest complaint that I have about the Army. It adds so much stress to the wives. We never know if we'll be sleeping alone for a day or a month (okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but not always...). I'm just tired of not knowing what is going on. I just want my husband back. This week has been stressful enough as it is, I don't need anything to add to it.
God Bless, ♥Vi

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bad Day

Today just hasn't been the best. As an Army wife, I've learned to expect the worst things to happen while my husband is away. It always works that way.
When they are at work, the dryer/toilet/other major appliance will break (that hasn't happened to me yet).
When they're in the field, you'll get a flat tire.
When they're still in the field, you'll be extremely sick.
When they're deployed, you'll never want a hug more than then...
I just expect bad things to happen. Today for instance, I just got some bad news... I'm not going to post it on here yet, since I'm not entirely certain on the situation. Either way, I haven't really stopped crying since 11:30 this morning. It's 7:00pm now. Thank God I've got my puppy though. She knows when her mommy is sad... She won't leave me alone. She and I are just laying on the bed cuddling, waiting for the laundry to be done.
Today has been relatively productive I suppose. I still have oodles of homework to do, along with more housework. I'm giving up on today though. I'm sorry for being so pessimistic, I'm just rather depressed today.
I did find something to help me keep my head up though.
It's true. I know I'll make it through this. Nothing in life so far as killed me, so why will this be any different? I am strong. So are you.
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Tis the Season

I love this time of year. Even though it's weird being somewhere without snow for the holidays, I'm more cheerful this year than I was last year. It helps to have my husband with me. I feel pathetic, but I feel so much happier when I'm with him. We've gotten about half of our Christmas shopping done now. We've got more to do though.
It was amazing having my mom and brother here for Thanksgiving. Even though they were only here for two days, it was great. We went swimming and out to dinner Wednesday night when they got here. Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner and went to the museum on post. It turns out, our base has the statue of Saddam Hussein from Baghdad. It's not the one that they made a huge deal about tearing down, but it's a metal bust. It was so awesome to see something that has such a part in history. I was so geeked for the rest of the night. This is why I'll be a history major.
Friday, my mom and I went Black Friday shopping with a friend of mine and her mom. It was fun to go shopping with my mom again... It's been a while. We didn't get a ton of stuff, but we did get some great deals. I got a huge bed for Mia. It was normally $65 and I got it for $16. I also got a $52 sweater for $20. I was pretty excited. They left Friday night though. Their visit was short but sweet. Only three weeks until we come home for Christmas.
Saturday my husband and I did our Christmas pictures. They turned out fantastic. Most of them are posted around here. I love how they turned out. Overall, it was just an amazing weekend. I'm so happy. I'm going back to school tomorrow and my husband is going to the field. The next few weeks should be good though. I'm so excited to finish my first semester of school and go back home for a while.
God Bless. ♥Vi

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Week!

     I'm so excited to have my family coming down this week. I haven't seen my brother or my dad since July when we left. My mom visited for the first weekend in October, but it's still been two months since I've seen her. That's one of the hardest part of living an Army wife lifestyle; the separation.
     I adjusted to being away from someone I love a while ago. My husband left about a year and a half ago for basic. So I've had some experience with being away. I must say, though, it's different being away from a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband, than being away from your parents. Granted, I was only 17 when I left home. I'm sure that made a difference as well. Older (no offense) people who've lived away from their parents before might not have as much of a problem when they leave for the Army.
     I had never lived away from home before I moved here. In fact, the farthest I'd ever been away from home for any length of time was band camp about four hours away. That was only for a week. However, I wasn't responsible for cooking, cleaning, or anything else really.
     Moving down here was definitely a huge adjustment for me, but I've made the best of it. I love my life more than ever before.
     Anyway, I'm really excited to see my family again. I'm nervous to make Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm sure my mom will help me. I've got lots of cleaning to do this week to get ready for their visit. I want everything to be perfect.
     My husband should be back from the field sometime this morning. I can't wait to see him! Well, that's all for now I guess. Not a lot of interesting stuff has happened the past few days. God Bless. ♥Vi

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coupon Madness

I think I've posted before about couponing, but I've gotten even better since then. Basically, in September I ordered a subscription to the local newspaper. The commissary had subscriptions on sale for about 50% off. Instead of paying over $100 for just Sunday papers for a year, I paid about $100 for Friday-Sunday. That in itself was big savings.
Each week, I get about $50-$100 in coupons. Granted, I don't ever use all of them. I'd say I use about $15-$30 out of each paper. I also look online. There are websites like or that you can print coupons from. Between the newspaper, websites, and my grandma mailing me coupons, I get a lot of the same coupons in different forms so I can double or triple them.
That is most important tip I have for couponing: stack coupons. Most stores won't let you, but the commissary is great for that. Some cashiers don't let you; they sit and check each coupon as they scan them. I still get away with a lot, especially if it's coupons like .60₵ off three crescent rolls. Then I can combine one for .50₵ off two, or .20₵ off one. If I've got them, I'll use all three! A lot of the time, the commissary has Military Store Coupons on display that you can combine too.

The worst place to coupon is Wal-Mart. They are extremely stingy about letting you double up on coupons. The other night, I had to go buy some last-minute supplies for my husband's field training. The commissary was closed, so I ended up at Wal-Mart. If I would have bought everything at the commissary, I would have gotten free toothpaste (with a 25₵ credit), a liter of mouthwash for about .75₵, and body wash for $1.50 (normally $3.75). Since I went to Wal-Mart, I only got .50₵ off my toothpaste, $1.00 off mouthwash, and .50₵ off the body wash. I basically spent about $8.00 more than I needed to because they wouldn't take all my coupons. I even got the manager involved.
Most coupons say "LIMIT ONE"  but also "LIMIT OF 4 LIKE COUPONS." So you can use up to four different coupons for the same product, IF you're at a good store.
Here are a couple pictures of my last two trips to the commissary. I think I'm doing pretty good. Some people measure your savings by percentage, so my first trip would have been better. 23% is awesome for me! But I saved more money my second trip. Even though my savings was only 18%, I still saved over $30. I spent much more on that trip, but I was buying Thanksgiving dinner. A turkey, stuffing, candles, and some other stuff. Almost everything I bought, I had coupons for. My second trip averaged at almost $1.00 per coupon. That's pretty awesome, right?
If you all have any questions, feel free to comment! I know I'm not one of those extreme couponers but I do pretty well, if I do say so myself.
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Happenings

This weekend was a landmark weekend for my husband and I. November 14th was a year since he proposed. It's indescribable how much things have changed in the past year. We went from living 1,000 miles away to living together. From only seeing each other once every three months to seeing each other every day. I'm so happy with my life. I've never been this content.
November 15th (yesterday) was a year since he got to his first duty station. It's odd that he left for the field yesterday too. He'll be back at the end of the week for Thanksgiving week. 
Other than that, life is good. 
My family will be here next week. I'm excited to see them! Is everyone else ready for the holiday season? I'm so excited for Black Friday shopping! It should be madness.
Gob Bless. ♥ Vi

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

College Kid and an Army Wife

Sometimes I find myself torn between my "wifely duties" and my school work. I'm not talking about sexual stuff though. I'm talking about choosing to study for a final or to clean the kitchen. I have to pick all the time between housework and school work. I'm struggling a little bit lately on making the decision. For a few days, my house will be a disaster and my grades will be great. Then a few days later, my grades will dive-bomb and my house will be spotless. I need to figure out a way to balance all this. I'm still struggling a little bit to sell my Thirty-One products, but I'm trying as hard as I can. I still have to sell at least $800 more this month. That's going to be tough, if not impossible. What else is going on? Not too much. Hubby is supposed to be home from the field tonight, so I'm going to make him a nice dinner and hopefully have the house all nice and clean before he gets home. I'm still driving the truck to school. It's costing me about $25 every day to get to school and back. It really stinks. It's my goal to have tires by the end of this week. Well, that's all I've got for now.
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Monday, November 07, 2011

My Philosophy

I have a few things I'd like to share. This is all my opinion, so if you don't like it.... Well, I don't care.
1. A married/engaged/dating woman should never find comfort in the arms of another man. I don't care what the situation is, it's not appropriate. Yes, I understand... "He's not here and I needed a hug..." FIND SOMEONE WITH BOOBS! NEWS FLASH! Girls can hug too! Even if the guy is the one having a bad day or needing a hug, tell him to find someone without a man. There are plenty of single girls in the world that are more than willing to give out hugs like candy. It's not your responsibility. When you're all over another man, you're slapping your man in the face. You can't tell me you wouldn't be mad if you saw your man in the arms of another woman.

2. If you do fall into the arms of another man and are okay with that feeling, leave your man. One million times over, I would rather be left than cheated on. People act like it's a bad thing to be left for someone else, but come on people... Would you rather be cheated on? I didn't think so. Yes, it does hurt to be left for another woman, but it's better than not being left and him still going to the woman. It goes the same way for a man. Don't be all over another man just because yours isn't around. Don't be a slut.

This next one should raise some hell, but like I said, this is my opinion and I'm frustrated to pieces right now.

3. The purpose of being engaged is to plan a wedding. If you're engaged, here are the "rules" for you:
       1. Plan your wedding! Even if it's just setting a date 5 years down the road, or deciding you want to wait five years, figure out something so you have something to tell people! This is not saying that long engagements aren't okay! As long as you're planning some parts of your wedding along the way, you're engaged and I'm happy for you.
       2. Let your man propose, or propose to him. Don't just "decide" to be engaged because "in a relationship" isn't enough anymore. You're either just dating, or planning a wedding.
       3. DO NOT flirt with other guys, this goes along with number one and number two on the main list. It bugs the crap out of me when women wear their engagement rings or wedding bands but flirt with other men. You're wearing his ring for a reason. Don't disrespect it. He worked hard for it.

4. Don't down talk your man or your love. Even if people say you are way cheesy or love-stupid, tell the world. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is the best way to let your man know you're proud to be his. Don't be shy to tell people you're dating/engaged to/married to your man. After all, if you want to be with him forever, why wouldn't you want the world to know?

I considered it, but I decided that I'm not going to apologize for this rant. I have the right to state my opinion, just as you all have the right to disagree with it. I'm so tired of seeing my friends and my husband's friends getting used and cheated on. Seriously ladies, have some class. Don't be the reason our gender gets a bad reputation. Be a lady. Be the woman that your man deserves.

That's all for tonight. Hubby is in the field and I'm cramming for my History exam I take tomorrow. God Bless. ♥ Vi

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Field Week

Hubby goes to the field tomorrow so I'll be lonely. Tonight we're spending some time together watching movies and just relaxing. I'm not looking forward to sleeping alone tomorrow, but what can I do? Mia will keep me company. I still don't have a car, so I'll be driving the gas-guzzling truck back and forth to school again. Oh joy! Anyway, I'm going to get tires this week so I'll be able to drive my car again. I'm exhausted from the weekend and last week. I need a week for mental health. I only have two more weeks of school until Thanksgiving break though. I'm so excited to see my family again. Well, I'm going to get back to my movie. Can you tell how excited Jimmy was for me to be updating this? God Bless. ♥ Vi

Friday, November 04, 2011

Living the Dream

I was thinking the other day, I really am living the dream. My life is the classic American love story...
Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't. Boy moves on. Girl falls in love. Girl wishes she would have before. Boy comes back for her. Boy joins the Army. Girl is heart brokenThey make it through. Boy proposes. Girl says yes. Boy leaves again. Girl sees boy 6 times in a year. Boy comes home. They get married.  Girl moves 1,000 miles away from home. They live happily ever after. ♥
I just want to take a minute to say that I love my life. That really is our story in a nutshell. I wouldn't change what I've done for anything. Don't get me wrong, I miss my family and friends terribly. Yet, I find myself completely content where I'm at. I love the army lifestyle. I love meeting people from all parts of the world. Really, some of my best friends are from Oregon, Louisiana, and Georgia of course. Before I barely talked to anyone who lived outside Michigan. I've come so far out of my bubble. It's crazy for me to think about how much I've changed in the past four months. Like I said, though, I wouldn't change it for anything.

One year ago today I was driving to Kentucky to surprise my husband at his OSUT graduation. He didn't know I was going to be able to come. Looking back on the past year, it has definitely been the hardest year of my life. I've been through so much emotional turmoil it's hard to believe. Sometimes I wonder how I haven't gone crazy. For those of you reading this who aren't yet involved in the military, I won't lie, it's definitely emotionally tough. There were lots of nights that I cried myself to sleep because I was tired of being alone, and many more nights that I cried just because I was tired of being strong all the time. It's a rough life, but it makes the time you have with your soldier a million times more worth it.
Anyway, I am so proud of my husband. He has become such a great soldier. He's out at gunnery today so he'll probably be late coming home tonight. I miss him already and it's only 10:00 in the morning. At least I have my bear. There he is -->
I love this bear to cuddle with. My husband got him for me for Christmas last year and I've been so attached to him ever since. I even sprayed him with my husband's cologne so when I was asleep I would dream of him. Wow, I sound like a cheese-ball. Anyway, I love my bear. If your SO can ever get you something like this, let him. Bear has helped me through so much. I know it seems stupid, but it really does calm me down.
That's all I've got for now!
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Feeling Much Better

Yesterday I was still slightly off. I was feeling sort of down but my husband made me feel much better. He brought me cookie dough and we had a dance party. That was a lot of fun. I felt so silly, but it helped me relax a lot.
I'm working on my tanker project more. I'm loving it. I have to do interviews this weekend since they go to the field tomorrow. The company seems pretty excited about it.
I'm going to have to break out my bear for a few nights since my hubby won't be home for a bit. I have to show everyone a picture of him. My husband got me a bear made of ACU's back around Christmas. He is my cuddle buddy when I'm not with my husband. I love my bear.
Something that was a pain in my butt this week was having to go through the main gate. Since I didn't have my car from Saturday until Tuesday, I didn't have my decals. We live close to a 24 hour gate, but about 10-12 miles from the main gate (the only one you can get in without decals). On top of adding 12 miles to my trip (more than that on the way home from school), it also added a lot of time. ANYONE who doesn't have decals has to go through the same lane. It takes forever. But now I have my car back so it's okay.
Well, I should probably pay attention in class. So, I'll talk to you all later.
God Bless. ♥ Vi.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Such a Long Weekend

The past three days haven't been so great. Let's start with Saturday. I tore apart the whole house trying to find the title for my car. It was crazy madness. Then, we spend 8 hours at the car dealership. Did I get a new car? Nope. Is my car still dying? Yep. I have a PT Cruiser that I'm driving until tomorrow, but then it's back to my dying car... Oh joy. Sunday... Drove to college, got screwed out of some volunteer work... Today, I'm super cramped up and just really not feeling well. I stayed home from school today because it was so bad. I'm just so out of it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Oh! And Mia ate more stuff today. Goodbye to the rest of my starfish from Hawaii and my phone cover, and three more pairs of shoes.
Hubby goes to the field on Thursday so he'll be in and out of the house for a while. I hate not knowing when he's going to be home. At least I'll have school to keep me busy. I'm going back lay down now.
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finally, the Weekend. ♥

This has been one of the longest weeks yet for school. It hasn't been particularly bad, it's just been off. On top of my car dying, I found out that I'm probably going to get a C in my history class. I'm not to excited about that, especially since I just changed my major to History... I can't focus at all either. It's just not been my week.

I had a Thirty-One party last night... Only three people showed up, and nobody bought anything. I was, well... am.... devastated. This business was supposed to take off like a jet plane, not like a toy airplane that needs new batteries. I was really expecting more of an outcome. I can't lose hope though! I have to keep my head up and push though. That's what life is about right?

On an Army Wife note, hubby is still expecting to deploy in about a year or less. I'm having more trouble coping with this, so we've come up with a plan. For the next month, the word "deployment" will be replaced with "business trip." This way, I will continue to think of the Army as his job, not as something I'm going to hate forever. "Business trip" sounds so much happier and safer. Maybe it will calm my nerves, even though I know the real meaning behind it, I just hate the word "deployment." It makes my stomach turn. I'll let you all know how it goes.

We're almost completely unpacked now! I know I've said that before, but we only have about 5 small boxes left. All that's in them is clothes and shoes and random trinkets that don't need to be unpacked for a while. It feels good to be settled in again.

Well, that's all for now. I'm still planning on getting a new car on Saturday. I'll post pictures if (when) I do! :)
God Bless. ♥ Vi.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy Busy Day

I just thought that I would stop in and update everyone. My car is dying, so I'm getting a Ford Fiesta on Saturday! Yay! Sadly, my AdSense account was terminated because of "invalid clicks" so I really need my Thirty-One business to take off. If anyone (country wide) wants to have a party, please comment on here. I can do online parties very easily! Also, if you're interested in joining Thirty-One, I'm your girl! It's really easy to get into, and the best direct sales company I've ever seen.
This morning I cleaned and did stuff for hubby. Now I'm at school, about to rush off to my next class (which I haven't read for, oh no...). Tonight I'm having my second Thirty-One party! I'm so excited. This morning I also booked another party. I'll be at a photographer's studio doing a "Purses and Pictures" party. I'm really excited to be working with her. If you want more information, feel free to email me! Thanks everyone for your support.
Well, as I said, I'm about to rush off to my next class. Hopefully I can get this reading done in the next half hour. Joy... So long for now!
God Bless. ♥ Vi.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monster Dog...

I'm experimenting on the different features that I can use on here. Check it out ^^ a whole new page for my husband's and my love story! For those of you who don't know, I'm also published in a book! It's the same story but it might be a little different.
Anyway, Mia ate more stuff today. I could have killed her. The warranty and manual for our washer and dryer are gone. Her Halloween costume is gone. A box is gone. Yet, all the toys I put in her crate with her are perfectly fine. I don't know what I'm going to do with her... Ugh.
I'm on a smoothie kick right now. Hubby is on a mission to lose weight, so we're eating healthy together. I'm excited. Well, that's all I have to say right now. So, I'll update later. God Bless. ♥ Vi

Monday, October 24, 2011

Paying for College

A few months ago, a SGT in my hubby's company told me to check out MyCAA to pay for college. It's a program for military spouses. I was really excited since they give you $2,000 per year. Well, I finally looked it up today; it's only good for an Associate's degree. I'm really frustrated because I want more than that for myself. I'm getting a BA in History. I don't think they should limit spouses to two years of school. That's really dumb for me. I understand that it's a free scholarship and there's only so much money in the world, but don't limit it to people who are only getting an Associate's Degree. Even if they only give you money for two years or something.... I just don't think that's right to exclude people seeking a higher degree. Ugh. I'm so frustrated. Oh well I guess. I'll just have to look for other scholarships now. Let's see how that goes!
God Bless. ♥ Vi.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Thirty-One Party

I had my first Thirty-One party today! I'm waiting for online orders to come in, but I'm really excited. I think I got two more bookings for November and January. I really want to get my name out there and start selling a lot more. I have to push myself and not lose hope. I need to keep reminding myself that I can't give up early. I know it takes time for a business to take off, like this blog. It's taken since May for it to start growing, but I'm really impressed with how it's turning out now. Anyway, I was really happy with how today went. If you don't know what Thirty-One is, comment on here or email me. I'd love to host an online party for you or an actual party if you're in my area. I love this brand! I really want to get this out there. 
Hubby is on a 12 mile march right now (yes, it's saturday...). Hopefully he won't be too tired tonight. Gotta love the Army!
Mia is wonderful still. She ate a bunch of my stuff last week, but since then she's been great. Her and her boyfriend Charlie are still madly in love. She is my angel. Look at this face--->

I love her so much! Well, that's all for now. God Bless. Vi. 

Friday, October 21, 2011


So, I'm at an awesome point in my life right now. I'm sort of recruiting for two thing right now. With Thirty-One, I am looking for girls to sign up under me. It's pretty exciting starting my own business. The more girls I have signed under me, the more profitable it will be for me.
Also, I'm kind of recruiting people to start blogs. I know I shouldn't post this too much, but I'm a broke college kid and newly wed so I don't care. I've made over a hundred bucks off this blog so far. I'm super excited. People, please don't stop coming to my page though. It is going to start paying some of my bills. I've got a few new people to start blogs now. It's something great to do in your free time and it's an easy way to make money It takes time, but if you've got the patience, it's great. I'm super excited about all of this. My life is going great right now.
Tomorrow I'm hosting my first Thirty-One party. If you're in the Fort Stewart area, check us out. You can comment on here with your email address for more information if you'd like to come. I can't wait to get this business rolling.
Our family is doing wonderful. Mia is growing like a cow. She is up to 28.5 pounds now! She's doubled in size since August. I'm such a proud little mamma. Hubby is doing fantastic too. We're all just one big happy family. I'm going to go help Ann get ready for our party tomorrow, so that's all for now! God Bless. Vi

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tanker Project

I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, so I'm going to now. I'm taking Composition II at college. The entire semester is working towards one project: an ethnography on a subculture of our choice. For my project, I chose my husband's company. He's a tanker, so I've got to spend a lot of time on the tanks
 It's really cool to learn about. AND not to mention, I get to spend time with my hubby. I have to take notes on how he acts and how the other soldiers act, how they communicate, what everything look like, smells like (which isn't always so pleasant), and sounds like. It's an awesome project to say the least. If any of you ever get the chance to actually study what your SO's do, take it! This has been the most fun I've ever had on a project. Tanks are a lot bigger, yet smaller than I expected. Let me explain, I had seen a tank up close once before this project. This tank was at Jimmy's graduation from OSUT. I didn't go inside because I was wearing a dress and I didn't want to show everyone my.... yeah. Anyway, I'd climbed on top of it and looked inside the driver's spot and the turret, but I didn't go in. Last week, I was allowed to go inside my husband's tank. Coolest. Experience. Ever. Not only did I get to meet the guys he'll be deploying with next year, but I also got to see where my husband will be spending nine months of his life without me. It was truly an experience.
On another note, he's still at work and I was super bored, so I felt like taking pictures with Mia. This is what we came up with:

She's getting so big! I just can't believe it! Well, that's all for now! God Bless, ♥ Vi.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hard vs. Painful

People ask me if it was "hard" to watch my husband leave for basic, or if it was "hard" to say goodbye again and again, or if it was "hard" being away all the time. I used to say yes to these questions until one person asked me something that really ticked me off: was it "hard" not to cheat on him. NO! The more and more I thought about this, the more I realized that "hard" isn't the right word at all.
Hard, to me, means that I thought about not doing it, or that I struggled doing it. It was not "hard" for me to stay with my husband when he was away. Sure, it was sad and lonely, but it wasn't hard. The word that I would use now is painful.
It was always painful to say goodbye. It tears my heart out to watch him walk away. It's painful to be alone all the time, but's worth it. It was never hard or painful for me to stay with him or not cheat on him. I love my husband with all my heart and nothing will ever change that. While my husband was in basic was one of the worst times of my life, but being with him in the end made every tear worth the pain. Seeing how happy he is with his tanks is worth the suffering I went though. Knowing that I helped him through a rough part of his life makes me so glad. I can't imagine what I would do without him. So, the next time someone asks you if being a military wife is "hard," think twice before you answer. Is it actually hard is it just painful?
Oh! On a high note, I'm officially a 31 consultant now! If you want to host a party, email me or comment on here. :)
And one last thing, my husband got his tanks so I thought I'd post a picture. Like I said, he's so happy to finally have something to do. He's way down at the end, you can barely see him, but I though it was a cool picture.
God Bless ♥ Vi.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Working on Working

I've been down in Georgia since July 5th, but I still haven't been able to find a job. I've been getting really frustrated with myself because nobody will ever call me back. I don't think it's fair to ask my husband to support me entirely. I know some people do, but that's just not who I am. I don't want to be 100% financially dependent on anyone. Obviously I'm not going to try to go to school full time and work full time so I can pay for everything, but I want to pay for some stuff. It's just hard finding something I can do when I want to but I think I may have found a solution though. I think I'm going to start selling Thirty One products. They sell purses, totes, wallets, baskets, luggage, and more stuff. Most of it can be personalized too. Their stuff is super cute and really inexpensive (well, for the most part). Anyway, the benefits are great though! I went to a party last night for Thirty One and sort of fell in love. I have a friend who is selling it now and she's throwing a party at my house next month. Depending on how that goes, I think I might start selling it. I'm only hoping to make about $400 per month, just enough to make a car payment and pay for gas. Hopefully it will all work out! I'm really excited. I'll keep everyone posted about what happens with that:)
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Something Sad, Something Happy.

It makes me sad to see other soldiers struggle. It's hard for me to sit and do nothing. I don't like to see soldiers lose their sanity, or their physical abilities. I'm so ready to train Mia to be a therapy dog to maybe help some of these soldiers who are losing their minds. I know how happy she makes me, I just hope I can help others with her. She is just wonderful. I fully believe she knows when people need help and love. She always comes and licks my tears away when I cry, and won't leave me alone until I am better. And she is following around the soldier that my husband and I took in for the weekend. She knows he is sad. I just love her to death.
Something else that bothers me is when soldiers complain about their health (physical abilities to be specific), but they abuse their bodies by smoking many packs every day, drinking all the time, and just being reckless. It bugs the crap out of me! I hate that so much. Seriously, if you're going to complain about not being able to breathe after running two miles, stop smoking. Stop stinking up my house. Arg. I hate the stench of smoke more than anything. AH!
Enough with that rant, sorry, I'm just frustrated. If my husband and I are happy to welcome you into our home, don't stink it up with your nasty nicotine smell.
Mia did have her first outing with the TDI therapy dogs on Saturday! We went to the Walk for Wishes at Georgia Southern University. It was a benefit for the Make a Wish Foundation. She did amazing! I'm so excited for her to test next summer. Then she'll be able to go into hospitals, hopefully the one on post, and visit patients who are recovering. I have a picture of her and my hubby that I'll post. I'm just so super excited to train her. If any of you have a dog that you're interested in training, go to It's rather regional, so you might want to look into Delta therapy dogs too. If any of you need information, feel free to comment or email me. I'm really passionate about this! :)
Well, I'll get back to my homework now, so...
God Bless. ♥ Vi.

Friday, October 07, 2011

What I Love About my Husband

I'm not going to take the time to list everything that I love about my husband, but I'm going to say a few. Yesterday, I watched him drop everything to go help a fellow soldier in need. This soldier wasn't dying, wasn't bleeding, and didn't really need immediate attention. He just needed a place to stay. I watched him stop everything that he was doing (okay, I'll be honest; he was sleeping... but I can't do anything to get him out of the bed in the morning) and go to this soldier's house and sit with his family until we could bring him home. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail as to why this soldier needed someplace to stay. All I know is that my husband is one of the most humble people I've ever met. I love him so much.
Also, he's been very cuddly lately. This is odd because usually all he wants to do is sleep when he gets home from a long day at work. I'm definitely not complaining though, I love to cuddle.
He's had the most patience for our puppy since she's still struggling with potty training. It's so irritating because she pees inside every day. We think she has a UTI or something, so we're taking her to the vet next week.
He helps me keep the house looking nice and will do anything for me when I have had a long day. I am just so happy to have him.
He's sleeping right now, but I think it's time to go wake him up for breakfast. I'll update more this weekend.
God Bless. ♥Vi

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Face Lift!

I just gave the site a much needed face lift. I'm kind of redoing the purpose of this site, or... making it accurate. It's turned into more of a "story of my life" page than a "guess what the Army did now" page. I'm still going to talk about the Army and whatever else military related I can think of, but I want people to realize that the military isn't what my life is 100% about. I do go to college and I have a puppy that takes up most of my time. I'm not just a wife, I'm a person too. Please tell me what you think! Thanks
God Bless. ♥ Vi.

Random Thoughts

I'm feeling about a million times better than what I was last week! I finally got some help from the doctor so I don't feel like I'm dying anymore. I am actually super happy right now. It's great to be myself again. I was getting very frustrated with TriCare and the Army doctors, but I think I finally got my solution after a month.
Lately, I've started couponing. In the past month, I think I've saved about $60. Yesterday alone, I spend $28.00 and saved $10 with coupons. I'm really excited about that as well. I'm hoping that I can start saving us over $100 every month. If I can do that, paying for college shouldn't be a problem at all.
I also got a Swiffer WetJet last night. Let me tell you, I love it! :) We don't have a ton of hard floors in our house, but it's enough that we needed more than a vacuum. Since my hubby brings his soldier friends over sometimes, and we all know how clean their shoes are, I needed something. I had a coupon for free refills when you buy the starter kit, and the commasary had them for $3 cheaper than WalMart! I was so excited. I love saving money.
Hubby is home right now, so I should probably go, but I just thought I'd share my awesome fortune with coupons. Let me know if you have any tips!
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Moved In

Finally, we're moved in to our house! I'm so happy with how everything turned out. Sadly, we aren't entirely unpacked yet, but it's a work in progress. I've actually got some pictures hanging on the walls now and books on the shelves. It's starting to look like a home. My grandparents made a trip down to bring our stuff when we moved. It was great to see family again especially because I haven't since July. It was nice to have more than just my husband here. What else... My mom is coming down today for the weekend. I think it should be rather fun! I miss all my family so much. I'm torn between cleaning and doing homework right now. Look where I ended up, here...
I've been extremely sick for about a month. None of the doctors will treat me right. The first one said a sinus infection, so I was put on an antibiotic. That made me get sicker... So 7 hours in the ER later, I'm diagnosed with bronchitis. Well, a week later and I'm still getting way worse. I skipped college today because I needed a day to rest. It's been pretty good just being able to sit at home and do practically nothing. I like not having responsibilities tearing at my brain for once.
Overall, I'm still super happy! We got a new washer and dryer. I know that seems random, but I feel like a real woman now. I ordered some wedding pictures finally about a week ago. I'm hoping that they'll come in the mail today. They would be nice to hang up around here.
Well that's all for now. Sorry I haven't posted pictures yet. There are some on my personal Facebook page, not the one for this site. If you're one of my real life friends, check them out:) If you're not, well... wait till I post them on here.
God Bless, Vi ♥

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is the week!

Although I'm extremely overloaded with homework right now, I thought I would take the time to update everyone. We move into our house this week! We get keys at 3:00 on Thursday. I'm so excited. My roommate and I got some free furniture the other day. My husband and I ended up with a TV stand, computer chair, patio chair, table, and some fake plants. Sometime last week I found a free vacuum too. I started packing up our stuff again, that's one thing I'm not looking forward to.
Mia is growing so much! I can't believe how much she's grown in a month. She's starting to do much better with potty training and whatnot. She is learning tricks too. Since we've had her, she's gained about 6 pounds! She's my little monster. I love her to death.

My hubby and I feel like we really have a happy little family.
God Bless, Vi ♥

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Oh, college.

I've officially survived my first two weeks of full time college. It's been rough and, honestly, not all that it's cracked up to be. I've got tons of homework all the time and I haven't been able to talk to my husband hardly at all for the past week. He's been busy with work and class, and I've been busy with school. By the time he gets home every night, I'm already passed out. When he leaves in the morning, I'm not awake enough to be able to hold a conversation. I'm hoping that next week will help me adjust more to my new schedule and eventually I'll be able to stay awake past ten. Look at the time now, 10:48pm; I'm doing good! Well, it's off to bed for me tonight. We both have a four day weekend, so we will finally get to talk about our weeks and see each other! I'll update more later this weekend.
God Bless. ♥Vi

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Retreat Weekend ♥

This weekend my husband is taking me on a retreat to Hilton Head Island, SC. We're staying at the Westin Spa!  I can't wait to go! We don't know exactly what all we're doing yet, but it should be wonderful:) He's been late at work all week, so this weekend should be a good break from work.
My classes have been good so far. I've got two classes that are much bigger than I expected, but it's not bad. I don't have any classes in the same building and on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have to walk close to a mile across campus in less than 15 minutes. I haven't been late or got lost yet though! I am really enjoying myself.
Mia is doing well. She overcame her bronchitis very well. In fact, she's more hyper than ever. I took her to the dog run today and let her run for a while.... She plays fetch! Now she's finally asleep. I wish I could sleep too, but I have more homework to do before I can go to sleep.
An update on our house, we've got a couch, washer, and dryer. Move in day is less than a month away! Only 3 and a half more weeks!
Also, we might be going to Orlando for labor day weekend! Life is great.
God bless. ♥ Vi

Friday, August 19, 2011

Emotional Week. Warning: Rant.

This week has been full of ups and downs. I don't know what's wrong with me... I want to blame it on PMS, but I'm never this much of a wreck. My hubby didn't have to work Monday or today, but he has guard duty tonight so he'll be gone until tomorrow morning. My emotions are so bad, I cried when he left. He's only going to be gone 12 hours! I don't know what my problem is. I think it's stress that's causing me to be dramatic. What's causing my stress? •Starting school next week •Not being able to find a job •Mia is sick •Lots of talk about deployment, but not for a while •Moving again in a month •Eye infection •Inability to sleep... I guess it's just not my week. I'm so scatter-brained lately. I forget to do things all the time. The other day I went to spit my toothpaste out, but forgot to lean forward. Therefore, I spit all down my shirt and counter and floor. It's all kind of stupid things like that; forgetting to lock doors, rotate laundry, do dishes, buy groceries, get gas, set alarms... I don't know what my deal is. I'm really hoping that once school starts I'll get back to normal. I'm going to be spending about $70 per week in gas, so I really need to find a job. I've gotten so desperate, I applied at McDonald's. I also applied for 3 jobs on campus. I feel that I should be pulling my weight in the house. I can't handle being just a house wife anymore... Well, that's all I have to complain about for now. I need to find something positive to end on... Hmmmm..... Well, this is harder than I thought. Um, I got a new pink and white backpack for college! But it was almost $60. Dang. I'm really racking my brain here. Umm, YES! My hair curled today! This was the first time I've been able to make it stay curly since I chopped 14 inches off. Mission: accomplished. Good night, all.
God bless. ♥Vi.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

♥ Love is... ♥

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. ♥
Just felt like sharing that. Today, I'm going to buy books (yay for spending more money!). Tonight, we're supposed to sign papers on a house! It's just a rental, but I'm so excited to actually have a house! :) I'll keep you all updated and post pictures when we move in. Our move in date isn't until September 15th, so we've got a month at our apartment still. I'm definitely going to miss our pool here, but it will be worth having a house of our own. Now we have to figure out how to get all our stuff down here. Where we're at now, (we have roommates) we're only responsible for a bedroom and a bathroom. We have a few pots and pans here, but other than that... Everything is 1,000 miles away in Michigan. This, as you can imagine, causes problems. It should be interesting to see how this works out... Like I said, I'll keep you posted!
God bless. ♥ Vi

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wonderful College

This week I've ran into some unexpected expenses with my college. The parking pass I thought would be around $30 ended up being $150. My books are going to run somewhere between $300 and $500. Now for the best part: the military waiver that I filed last week hasn't gone through yet. This waiver makes a difference of about $6,000. Since classes start in a little over a week, I'm freaking out. I have a week to pay for classes and right now I owe $6,550. Please pray that it will be filed this week because if it's not, I have no idea how I'm going to afford tuition...
Good news, my husband is getting off work super early today so I'll get to spend some quality time with him! He's been super busy all week with land navigation and ranges and other miscellaneous Army stuff; but as of 14:00 today, he's mine til Tuesday. I'm really excited to have the weekend together. We pick up Mia this afternoon... She's doing wonderful by the way. I posted another picture. My two favorites:) Well, that's all for now everyone. Like I said, please pray that my tuition will go down!
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Monday, August 08, 2011

Lazy Day

Yesterday my husband got called into CQ so I was lonely last night... I've only spend two nights away from him since we've been married. I'm not complaining though because it's 1,000,000 times better than being away from him all the time. I love being with him. Now, since I have Mia, I always have something to do. I love having her, even though she's a pain in the but sometimes... We found out that she's actually 5 months old, not 5 weeks. She's going to be a lot smaller than we were initially expecting, but we're still very happy to have her! She gets fixed in a few days, but that's perfectly fine with us. We don't want to deal with her being in heat. Overall, we're enjoying our happy little family!
On a sadder note, one of my husband's best friends was injured in combat on Saturday in Afghanistan. He was not involved in the helicopter crash that made the news though. He was shot in the face during an ambush while on patrol, but he's stable now. I was responsible for telling my husband which was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do. He's coming home, but we're not sure when yet. I'm so glad he wasn't hurt worse. For anyone who is actually following this page, I'll continue to update on his status. Please pray for PFC Morris.
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Miss Mia Puppia

This is Mia. She's the 5 week old boxer mix my husband and I adopted yesterday:) We have to take her back next Wednesday to get fixed, but then she's officially ours! She's a little monster who loves to poop and pee everywhere, but she's being trained. We're looking to move out of this apartment into a house sometime in the next month or so. It should be fantastic:) I love her to death.
God Bless. ♥Vi

Friday, July 29, 2011


I hate not having a job... This is killing me. Every morning he leaves at 4am and doesn't get home until like 6pm at the earliest. I stay at home, clean, cook, do laundry, and sit on my butt doing nothing. Grocery shopping is the most excitement I get in a day. It's driving me crazy. I'm so happy to be here, but his 14 hour work days are really starting to get to me. Only 3 and a half more weeks until my classes start! So hopefully next week I'll go to campus next week and get everything set up and buy books. I hate spending money. I did get more wedding pictures:) I'll post them below!

 ♥ God Bless. ♥ Vi

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Fresh Start

There are definitely both positives and negatives to moving 1,000 miles from home. I'm very happy living with my husband and starting our life together. It's good to be able to make a name for myself, rather than have my past written out on my forehead. I can be who I want to be and tell people what I want them to know. It's awesome meeting all of the people my husband has been talking about for the past 8 months, along with the women I've been talking with on Facebook. I've got a lot of friends already. I miss my family like crazy, and my fat cat. My mom keeps sending me pictures, I'm not sure whether that helps or hurts. I've gotten lost on post a few times already which is definitely scary when you don't have your cell phone, GPS or even a flash light. I had no idea where I was, but I did find my way back. I'm learning my way around pretty well. It's a big adjustment between depending on my parents for anything and everything, and figuring out how to balance our budget for the month. Overall we're doing well. I'm not sure how many of you I have following me, but all is grand. Do you have any funny stories about moving?
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Married Life!

I'm an Army wife! :) Our wedding was perfect. It was all I imagined and more. I'm so thankful for my friends and family who helped put this together. I couldn't ask for a better life right now. We're moved into our apartment in Georgia now so I'm about 1,000 miles away from my family, which is hard. I'm adjusting though. Skype is a God-sent. My husband and I are having an amazing week of relaxation. It's so great to have no responsibility at the moment. Here are some wedding pictures:

God Bless ♥ Vi

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

He's home!!

He made it home safely!! I'm so happy!! :) We'll be getting married on Friday for sure, I'm so excited. It's just so amazing to have him back at home. It's been about 8 months. Well, we're off for date night, so I'll update later!
God bless! <3 Vi

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just when things were fantastic....

Expedia screwed us over. They moved his flight from 5:30 up to 12:50... So he won't be home until Wednesday afternoon now. Needless to say, I am irate. I've been hung up on twice by their phone operators. They're trying to make us $150 to change it. Oh my gosh.

Finally: We've got a Go!

Wednesday evening last week, we got the word! His leave was approved for sure so I'll be picking him up from the airport in two days. He flies in early so we'll have two whole days together before the wedding.On the note of our wedding, it is this Friday, July 1st, 2011. It's been gorgeous outside lately so we're hoping to have it at my pond. This is the pest picture I have of it on my computer. It's my private little heaven:) My fiance and I have the best memories here:) 

Anyway, now it's supposed to thunderstorm on Friday night. I'm really really hoping it won't though. We do have a church reserved but it's so much prettier down by the pond. We have both always wanted a beach wedding, even before we were together. So please pray that the rain will hold off:)One last cool thing about or wedding date: It's one year since he gave me my promise ring. It was the most romantic night of my life. We were camping in Pentwater, MI with some friends and decided to go to the end of the pier to watch the sunset. It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. He gave me the ring out on the rocks and his best friend got a picture:) I think it's postcard worthy.

Well that's all I've got for now:) I probably won't post again until I'm settled into our new apartment next week. I'll do my best to get wedding pictures up as soon as I can. God Bless. ♥ Vi

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Only nine more days until I'm an official Army wife! :) Yesterday was majorly productive when it comes to wedding stuff. I had my final fitting (the dress is perfect), got my bridesmaids their gifts, got the sand for our sand ceremony, and a dress for the bridal shower! I'm so excited to see my soldier again! I'll be on my way to pick him up in one week (assuming that leave gets approved since we still don't know...). The past seven months have flown by. I'm going to be a wife in less than two weeks! This is what keeps me strong. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wisdom Teeth...

Well, another thing I've come across as a military SO is going through surgery without my soldier. I had them pulled on Thursday and it went all but smoothly... I'm now on anti-biotics, steroids, pain meds, and an anti-inflammatory. It was the worst experience of my life. I was in so much pain that I bent a pair of dogtags that my fiancé got me in half. I look 100 times better today than I did yesterday, but there's still nothing the doctors can do to fix me faster. I've got bruises all over my jaw line. It's crazy. Here's a pic, yes this is embarrassing i know. Please don't laugh.
Have you gone through a major surgery without your SO?
Did it go well?
How did your SO react when he saw you, was he supportive?

My soldier has been great through all off this. If you ever read this honey, thank you. I don't think I would have made it without you babe. ♥

Questions? Comments? God Bless! ♥ Vi

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I love the Army.

So, good news: my fiancé's leave was passed today! YAY! We get to get married in 16 days, right? Ha! Who am I kidding? It's the Army. -- That was at 10:00 this morning. At around 3:30 this afternoon, I get a text from him saying "Leave dates again please..." so I was already worried. He kept telling me everything would be fine... Well, long story short: his CO is getting promoted/transferred/whatever... tomorrow and he approved the leave (knowing he wouldn't be my soldier's CO at the time of leave). So we got super excited, only to find out that he has to reapply with his new CO tomorrow.  Hopefully (my most favorite word of all time...), we'll find out tomorrow or Friday. Either way, I'm really tired of waiting to find out. He applied almost three weeks ago and they're just now getting back to him. Like I said, I love the army.
Has this happened to you?
How do you restrain yourself from giving some important people a piece of your mind?

God Bless. ♥Vi

Thursday, June 09, 2011

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The goal is to hit 100 likes by the end of the weekend.
God Bless. ♥ Vi

Sadness after Visiting

I just got back from visiting my fiancé today. It's always hard for me to adjust after leaving him. This was the first time I've said goodbye to him while he's in uniform so we couldn't hug or kiss like I wanted to. I did get a little kiss, but it wasn't as long as I'd chose if I could. I balled like a baby and it killed me not to jump into his arms and let him hold me. Just saying, I hate the rule of no PDA in uniform. I understand that it's for professional reasons though. Anyway, 16 hours of driving later... I'm home safely. It was great to see him, don't get me wrong, but 4 days just wasn't enough. A million years wouldn't be enough.
I'm staying as strong as I can though. It's important to look into the future, what's ahead, not at the past. I'm learning how to recover from leaving him more quickly now. The first few times we said goodbye, I was a complete train wreck. I'm doing much better now, still sad, but I'm doing well.
How do you handle saying goodbye? Comfort food, girly movies, girl's night out, staying home alone, or what? I tend to opt towards comfort food and skype dates. I haven't got my post-goodbye skype date yet though, so we'll see how that helps me.
How far are you away from your man?
What's the longest you've went without seeing him?
Stay strong ladies! You don't know how strong you are until strong is the only option. Keep your heads up.
God Bless. <3 Vi

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Planning a Wedding Without Him

Like I said before, I'm planning a wedding! If all goes as we're hoping, he'll be coming home a month from tomorrow and we'll be getting married July 1st. We've been engaged since November, so I've been kind of taking my time planning. I found my dress back in January (I love it so much). The bridesmaids' dresses are in and the groomsmen's tuxes are picked out. My maid of honor and I found some sweet decorations and whatnot... It's all coming together pretty well so far. We have come across one problem though: he gets upset because he can't help out.
Since he's 1000 miles a way in Georgia, it's obviously hard for him to help me decide on which caterer's food is the best, which hall we like better, and all sorts of other stuff. I know he wouldn't be going dress shopping and stuff like that with us, but the other stuff that he's supposed to be here for is stressful for him and me both.
It was weird registering for our shower without him. The lady at Bed Bath & Beyond though that my MO and I were a couple. It was too funny:) Anyway, have you ladies come across problems like this? I feel bad that he can't help out with everything, but it's simply not logical for me to keep putting off the planning until 3 days before we get married. I just can't do that to myself or my family.
How did you involve your man without making him feel left out?
What were your wedding colors?
How long did you take to plan your wedding?
What was (or has been) your favorite part about planning the wedding?

Leave more questions or comments below:) Thanks! God bless. ♥Vi
Oh, one last thing: This is my garter. I'm super excited about it.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Frustrating Leave Process

Okay, it's time for me to vent. I've been planning my wedding for August 14th, 2011 since November. About a month ago, my soldier pointed out to me that he should get block leave sometime this summer so we could *hope* that it would line up with our planned wedding. However, when I told my parents this, they freaked out and canceled our caterer, hall reservation, DJ,  and everything else we've done.
Now, I'm patiently waiting for his leave to go through. He applied last week but we still haven't heard anything. We're now hoping for him to come home from June 29-July 8th.
I'm so stressed about the whole thing! Ah! Also, his roommate at the barracks is in the same battalion, but a different company. His family only lives a few hours away from me so his distance to go home is no different than my soldier's. He is allowed to come home on every four day weekend, without question. However, mine hasn't been home since November when he graduated from AIT. It's extremely unfair and even more frustrating.
On the upside, his roommate is getting married today! Congrats to him!! Hopefully my turn will come in about a month. Wish me luck!!
Has something similar happened to you?
How do you deal with never being able to plan?

Thanks! God Bless. ♥ Vi

Thursday, May 26, 2011

About the Owner

My name is Victoria. I'm an Army fiancée (the wedding is tentatively July 1st, 2011- leave is pending). My soldier's name is Jimmy. He's a tanker. I'm currently living in Michigan and he's stationed in Georgia. I'm planning to go to Georgia Southern University in the Fall.
Jimmy and I met in middle school, but didn't start dating until my junior year of high school. He's a year older than me, so he was getting ready to graduate... and join the Army. We were together for almost 6 months when he left for basic.
We've now been together for almost a year and a half. Our love story is published in a book called Military Love. It's available at (just type "Military Love" into the search bar).
It's my dream to keep this blog running as long as I can, but I'll warn that my summer is busy this year. Moving 1,000 miles away will definitely be an adventure.
I want to become friends with all of you, start personal relationships with you all, relate to you, and get to know you and your soldier.
Please feel free to comment on any of these posts with suggestions and ideas. Thanks!