Thursday, May 26, 2011

About the Owner

My name is Victoria. I'm an Army fiancée (the wedding is tentatively July 1st, 2011- leave is pending). My soldier's name is Jimmy. He's a tanker. I'm currently living in Michigan and he's stationed in Georgia. I'm planning to go to Georgia Southern University in the Fall.
Jimmy and I met in middle school, but didn't start dating until my junior year of high school. He's a year older than me, so he was getting ready to graduate... and join the Army. We were together for almost 6 months when he left for basic.
We've now been together for almost a year and a half. Our love story is published in a book called Military Love. It's available at (just type "Military Love" into the search bar).
It's my dream to keep this blog running as long as I can, but I'll warn that my summer is busy this year. Moving 1,000 miles away will definitely be an adventure.
I want to become friends with all of you, start personal relationships with you all, relate to you, and get to know you and your soldier.
Please feel free to comment on any of these posts with suggestions and ideas. Thanks!