Friday, May 27, 2011

Frustrating Leave Process

Okay, it's time for me to vent. I've been planning my wedding for August 14th, 2011 since November. About a month ago, my soldier pointed out to me that he should get block leave sometime this summer so we could *hope* that it would line up with our planned wedding. However, when I told my parents this, they freaked out and canceled our caterer, hall reservation, DJ,  and everything else we've done.
Now, I'm patiently waiting for his leave to go through. He applied last week but we still haven't heard anything. We're now hoping for him to come home from June 29-July 8th.
I'm so stressed about the whole thing! Ah! Also, his roommate at the barracks is in the same battalion, but a different company. His family only lives a few hours away from me so his distance to go home is no different than my soldier's. He is allowed to come home on every four day weekend, without question. However, mine hasn't been home since November when he graduated from AIT. It's extremely unfair and even more frustrating.
On the upside, his roommate is getting married today! Congrats to him!! Hopefully my turn will come in about a month. Wish me luck!!
Has something similar happened to you?
How do you deal with never being able to plan?

Thanks! God Bless. ♥ Vi