Saturday, May 28, 2011

Planning a Wedding Without Him

Like I said before, I'm planning a wedding! If all goes as we're hoping, he'll be coming home a month from tomorrow and we'll be getting married July 1st. We've been engaged since November, so I've been kind of taking my time planning. I found my dress back in January (I love it so much). The bridesmaids' dresses are in and the groomsmen's tuxes are picked out. My maid of honor and I found some sweet decorations and whatnot... It's all coming together pretty well so far. We have come across one problem though: he gets upset because he can't help out.
Since he's 1000 miles a way in Georgia, it's obviously hard for him to help me decide on which caterer's food is the best, which hall we like better, and all sorts of other stuff. I know he wouldn't be going dress shopping and stuff like that with us, but the other stuff that he's supposed to be here for is stressful for him and me both.
It was weird registering for our shower without him. The lady at Bed Bath & Beyond though that my MO and I were a couple. It was too funny:) Anyway, have you ladies come across problems like this? I feel bad that he can't help out with everything, but it's simply not logical for me to keep putting off the planning until 3 days before we get married. I just can't do that to myself or my family.
How did you involve your man without making him feel left out?
What were your wedding colors?
How long did you take to plan your wedding?
What was (or has been) your favorite part about planning the wedding?

Leave more questions or comments below:) Thanks! God bless. ♥Vi
Oh, one last thing: This is my garter. I'm super excited about it.

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