Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I love the Army.

So, good news: my fiancé's leave was passed today! YAY! We get to get married in 16 days, right? Ha! Who am I kidding? It's the Army. -- That was at 10:00 this morning. At around 3:30 this afternoon, I get a text from him saying "Leave dates again please..." so I was already worried. He kept telling me everything would be fine... Well, long story short: his CO is getting promoted/transferred/whatever... tomorrow and he approved the leave (knowing he wouldn't be my soldier's CO at the time of leave). So we got super excited, only to find out that he has to reapply with his new CO tomorrow.  Hopefully (my most favorite word of all time...), we'll find out tomorrow or Friday. Either way, I'm really tired of waiting to find out. He applied almost three weeks ago and they're just now getting back to him. Like I said, I love the army.
Has this happened to you?
How do you restrain yourself from giving some important people a piece of your mind?

God Bless. ♥Vi