Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wonderful College

This week I've ran into some unexpected expenses with my college. The parking pass I thought would be around $30 ended up being $150. My books are going to run somewhere between $300 and $500. Now for the best part: the military waiver that I filed last week hasn't gone through yet. This waiver makes a difference of about $6,000. Since classes start in a little over a week, I'm freaking out. I have a week to pay for classes and right now I owe $6,550. Please pray that it will be filed this week because if it's not, I have no idea how I'm going to afford tuition...
Good news, my husband is getting off work super early today so I'll get to spend some quality time with him! He's been super busy all week with land navigation and ranges and other miscellaneous Army stuff; but as of 14:00 today, he's mine til Tuesday. I'm really excited to have the weekend together. We pick up Mia this afternoon... She's doing wonderful by the way. I posted another picture. My two favorites:) Well, that's all for now everyone. Like I said, please pray that my tuition will go down!
God Bless. ♥ Vi