Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Moved In

Finally, we're moved in to our house! I'm so happy with how everything turned out. Sadly, we aren't entirely unpacked yet, but it's a work in progress. I've actually got some pictures hanging on the walls now and books on the shelves. It's starting to look like a home. My grandparents made a trip down to bring our stuff when we moved. It was great to see family again especially because I haven't since July. It was nice to have more than just my husband here. What else... My mom is coming down today for the weekend. I think it should be rather fun! I miss all my family so much. I'm torn between cleaning and doing homework right now. Look where I ended up, here...
I've been extremely sick for about a month. None of the doctors will treat me right. The first one said a sinus infection, so I was put on an antibiotic. That made me get sicker... So 7 hours in the ER later, I'm diagnosed with bronchitis. Well, a week later and I'm still getting way worse. I skipped college today because I needed a day to rest. It's been pretty good just being able to sit at home and do practically nothing. I like not having responsibilities tearing at my brain for once.
Overall, I'm still super happy! We got a new washer and dryer. I know that seems random, but I feel like a real woman now. I ordered some wedding pictures finally about a week ago. I'm hoping that they'll come in the mail today. They would be nice to hang up around here.
Well that's all for now. Sorry I haven't posted pictures yet. There are some on my personal Facebook page, not the one for this site. If you're one of my real life friends, check them out:) If you're not, well... wait till I post them on here.
God Bless, Vi ♥