Monday, October 24, 2011

Paying for College

A few months ago, a SGT in my hubby's company told me to check out MyCAA to pay for college. It's a program for military spouses. I was really excited since they give you $2,000 per year. Well, I finally looked it up today; it's only good for an Associate's degree. I'm really frustrated because I want more than that for myself. I'm getting a BA in History. I don't think they should limit spouses to two years of school. That's really dumb for me. I understand that it's a free scholarship and there's only so much money in the world, but don't limit it to people who are only getting an Associate's Degree. Even if they only give you money for two years or something.... I just don't think that's right to exclude people seeking a higher degree. Ugh. I'm so frustrated. Oh well I guess. I'll just have to look for other scholarships now. Let's see how that goes!
God Bless. ♥ Vi.