Monday, October 31, 2011

Such a Long Weekend

The past three days haven't been so great. Let's start with Saturday. I tore apart the whole house trying to find the title for my car. It was crazy madness. Then, we spend 8 hours at the car dealership. Did I get a new car? Nope. Is my car still dying? Yep. I have a PT Cruiser that I'm driving until tomorrow, but then it's back to my dying car... Oh joy. Sunday... Drove to college, got screwed out of some volunteer work... Today, I'm super cramped up and just really not feeling well. I stayed home from school today because it was so bad. I'm just so out of it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Oh! And Mia ate more stuff today. Goodbye to the rest of my starfish from Hawaii and my phone cover, and three more pairs of shoes.
Hubby goes to the field on Thursday so he'll be in and out of the house for a while. I hate not knowing when he's going to be home. At least I'll have school to keep me busy. I'm going back lay down now.
God Bless. ♥ Vi