Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve and we're celebrating with two families today. We celebrated with my grandparents yesterday, it was great! Today, we are celebrating with my other grandparents and with my husband's mom's boyfriend's parents. That should be pretty fun. We've got a few Christmases tomorrow as well. Hubby's dad isn't back from the road yet, so we'll be celebrating with him next week. We've also got Hubby's mom's and her sister's... Along with my parents' too. That's the biggest challenge we faced this week: finding time for all the Christmases we had to attend. Everything has gone smoothly this week.
On a sad note, my computer's battery is dying. I think that the battery got too cold on the way up to Michigan and it broke something... But I'm not quite sure. All I know is that it has been unplugged for less than half an hour and it's gone from 80% to 51%. This battery used to last about 3 or 4 hours. Now I'm lucky to get an hour out of it.
I guess I know what I'm getting with my Christmas money!
Have a happy and safe holiday season. God Bless ♥ Vi