Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why I Love and Hate the Army


I love the Army because it provides for my family. 
     The pay isn't fantastic, but it's nothing to complain about. The benefits like health care and dental are unbeatable. The post housing (though we opted out of it) is safe and secure (for the most part).

I love the Army because it gives my husband something to do that makes him happy. 
     He loves his job. Tanks are pretty much the best thing in the world to him. He loves shooting them at gunnery. In fact, he told me that he almost likes being in the field more than being at home. He's not bored in the field, I guess.

I love the Army because it protects our freedoms and lives.      This one is pretty self explanatory. Soldiers fight wars to protect our liberties that most of us take for granted.

I love the Army because it has given me a wonderful (crazy) life. 
     I probably wouldn't be married if it weren't for the Army. I probably wouldn't be at GSU with all my wonderful new friends. I definitely wouldn't be at Fort Stewart. I wouldn't have learned as much as I have about the world in general, especially not the military. Lastly, I probably wouldn't have found my true calling to military history. It fascinates me. I wouldn't have Mia, or our house, or any of the wonderful things I have. I love my life. ♥

I love the Army because it emphasizes team work. 
     When one person fails, the rest of the company is responsible for supporting him until he passes. Everything is a team effort in the Army. There isn't really a solo act that I can think of.


I hate the Army because it takes my husband away from me. 
     I am not going to rant about this though. I knew what I signed up for in marrying a soldier. They're gone a lot. Plain and simple.

I hate the Army because it doesn't communicate. 
     There have been many times that my husband was supposed to be home, say... Tuesday and didn't return until Friday. Plans change on a dime, constantly. Sometimes a deployment is right around the corner, then as soon as you've finally prepared for it, they decide that it's a few blocks away. This isn't something to complain about, except when it works the other way around.

I hate the Army because it puts up with too much crap. 
     I don't know how much I've seen happen in the Army world that would never fly in the real world. People are late to work all the time. In the real world, they'd get fired. In Army world, they get told to be on time next time. When people get DUIs, in the real world... they'd go to court and get fined big time, maybe even lose their job. In Army world, "Bad Soldier!" and extra duty for a few days... Oh no! (sarcasm...)  When people beat their kids, real world: kids are taken away and parent goes to jail. Army world: parent loses custody for a few days, then returns home and "gets help" (that doesn't really help). This is by far the thing that agitates me the most. I hate this about the military. You should know, military law takes priority over civilian law.

Well, that's the end of my list. I'm anxiously awaiting our holiday leave to go home. Less than a week! I'm so excited. I have two more finals to take this week. Then I'll be off for a month! It will be a busy month though, but it will be good to not spend two and a half hours in a car every day. I'm going to go study and pack now.
God Bless ♥ Vi