Saturday, January 21, 2012

Addicted to Communication

One thing I've noticed that the Army has done to me is causing me to be completely addicted to communication. For about a year, communicating was all Jimmy and I had. We didn't really get to spend time together, aside from Skype dates and the few trips I made to see him. We did watch movies on Hulu or Netflix together. We'd start it at the same time and watch together. I know it's cheesy, but it worked for us. We also didn't get to cuddle or hold hands (something I value a lot). There's nothing I love more than walking around town with my husband at hand. I like showing him off.
All that being said, I am completely addicted to my phone and computer. Hubby makes fun of me because I can't go more than an hour without checking my phone and email, but it has become my way of life. I feel like I need to be available at all times in case (God forbid) something happens to part of my family or someone needs to get hold of me. It was my biggest fear to miss one of my husband's calls while he was at basic, as it will be when he deploys. Luckily, I never missed his call. There was one time, my phone rang once and said I had a missed call. Sure enough, it was from Jimmy. But as soon as I read his name as a missed call, it rang again and it was him. It was the absolute worst feeling in the world seeing the missed call come through. I knew how much his weekly phone call meant to him, as well as me. It was always hard when they didn't get phone time and we'd go a few weeks without talking.
Letters always made things a little easier. I practically stalked the mail lady from July to November. On days that I was expecting a letter and didn't get one, we weren't very good friends. Yet, on days when I wasn't expecting one and got a big envelope with my name on it, she was my second favorite person in the world, next to Jimmy of course.
After he graduated basic and AIT we were able to talk every day. It made things about a million times easier. It was still hard to be away, but I was so much happier since I actually got to talk to him. What's sad, or funny, is that I think we talk less now that we live together than when I was in Michigan and he was here.
I love being with him though, don't get me wrong. I'd chose being able to see him walk through the front door every night over getting a letter any day.
Even now, though, I still keep my phone attached to my hip at all times. If I forget it at home, I will come back to get it. It's my obligation, right? At least, that's how I see it.

Overall, I'm still feeling pretty good. I did three of the 10 minute Pilates workouts this morning. I'm sure I'll be feeling that tonight. There are some days that it's clearly evident that I'm pregnant (my baby bump is huge, or at least it is to me). Other days, like today, I look normal. It's pretty crazy how much it fluctuates from day to day. My first week of school went well. Other than the minor payment issues, and forgetting to verify my Biology lab when I was supposed to, everything went smoothly. I had to make an extra trip to college yesterday to go to my lab, but it wasn't too big of a deal. I got my Kindle Fire yesterday and I'm loving it. Life is great. Have a great weekend everyone.
God bless ♥ Vi

Oh, one last note: The Facebook page hit 300 followers today! I was rather excited.