Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photography Business

For those of you in the Fort Stewart area, I'm trying to start a photography business. Today, I got an email saying that Picnik is closing in April. I'm not ashamed to say that I use Picnik to edit some of my pictures. It's not the only software that I use, but it is a major one. Some people are claiming that it makes me "cheap" and just an "average joe photographer." Okay, now comes the rant:
This pisses me off. Just because I use a free, or inexpensive, service does not make me cheap or unprofessional. Until now, I've kept this blog free of any profanity but I need to get this of my chest. This will (hopefully) be the only time I ever curse on here. So, if you've got a problem with it, skip to the next paragraph.
What the hell?! I'm effing resourceful. I'm not sorry that I can't afford to buy all the top of the line editing software. I'm not sorry that I'm not good enough for you to consider me a "professional." If you don't like the work that I do, don't hire me. My pictures aren't pieces of shit. I know what I'm doing. All this being said, don't go on my page and bad mouth me. That's kind of rude, don't you think?

Okay, that wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I pride myself in keeping this page clean. I'm just extremely upset with how people are reacting to this. Picnik is a great resource for people who can't afford to buy expensive editing software. I've got two other programs that I use, that are expensive. To be totally honest, Picnik is one of my favorites.

I'm sure that part of the reason I'm so upset is the hormones, but I'm really worked up right now. Anyway, I'm going to continue to build my business, so if any of you would like to book a session, please consider me. I really do know what I'm doing.
God Bless ♥ Vi