Monday, February 20, 2012

Balancing Life

Mia did wonderful with her therapy dog stuff yesterday. She's still a bit high strung, but she's a puppy so I have to cut her some slack. We had a lot of fun visiting the residents at the nursing homes. She loves the attention. I didn't do hardly any homework last night, so I was pretty behind this morning. I somehow managed to get everything done before it needed to be. Sometimes, I wonder how I do it!
I decided to skip my last class today, but I definitely don't regret it. Even though the teacher decided to assign something to turn in during class (apparently a lot of people skipped today...), I got so much more done at home. It was definitely worth it. Hubby and I got a lot of random cleaning done, like flipping the couch and moving Mia's kennel to a better location. I cleaned my kitchen and made a pretty good dinner. Okay, it was just pancakes and sausage, but it was still yummy! I also got two units of my math class done. I can't believe we're already 5 weeks into the semester. Spring break is in two or three weeks and I can't wait!
I'm officially 16 weeks pregnant now. Baby is growing and doing well. I used my doppler yesterday and the heartbeat was around 170. I was pretty surprised since it's been between 140 and 160 most of the time. Either way, I feel pretty good. I'm starting to try to drink more milk. I absolutely hate milk, like more than any food you could imagine. There's just something about the taste that I can't stand. Anyway, I've been trying to mix milk into my smoothies or breakfast shakes. I do feel a little better now that I'm starting to drink more. I'm also starting to cook more with it. I'm trying so hard to be healthy for this baby!

For the past week, I've had a pretty hard time balancing the life of a wife and the life of a student. School has been pretty up and down for a bit. Sometimes I have tons of homework, but other times I don't have hardly any. It's hard for me to spend equal amounts of time and energy cleaning and cooking along with school. I'm not too proud to say that my house has slightly resembled a disaster zone all weekend. It's finally looking quite a bit better. I'm still loving my crazy busy life.
God Bless ♥ Vi