Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Culture Shock, Again

I've been living in Georgia for about 8 months now. I figured that I would have some culture shock when I got down here permanently. My visits weren't ever long enough to fully soak in what the culture was like down here. I knew it was warmer and people drank tons of sweet tea and ate peaches. I was happy and ready for the move.
I adjusted to the rest of the little changes pretty quickly. The heat never really got to me, but I love the warm weather. Everything came at me pretty slowly until yesterday. This seems completely stupid, I'm sure... In the south, nobody knows what a paczki is. Let me explain for those of you who just pronounced that "pac-z-ki." A paczki (poon-ch-kee) is a wonderful, high calorie, super rich filled donut. We eat them on Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) as a last shabang before lent.
I seriously had a hard time dealing with the fact that nobody down here knows what they are, let alone sells them. I know it was hormones that caused me to freak out so much, but I actually cried when I found someone from Canada who knew what I was talking about.
Another thing that really surprised me about down here is that they have no Steak n' Shake's down here. There's one almost 2 hours away, but that's quite a drive for french fries. I've been craving them like crazy ever since we went home for Christmas, but I can't ask my husband to drive 2 hours for fries. I would feel ridiculous. Well, yesterday I found out that there's a Steak 'n Shake coming to the town my college is in. I cried. The guy who told me thought I was straight out of the loony bin, but I don't care. I was so happy.
I never realized how many little things we take for granted. I knew that I'd miss some little things from home, but there's a lot more than I expected. I miss shopping at Kohl's, and Target (there's one about an hour from us, but it sucks to drive over there just for that).
My advice? When you're looking into PCSing, check out the local amenities. If there's a restaurant that you can't live without, make sure that there is one around where you're looking into. When we start looking at PCSing, I'm making sure there's a Steak n' Shake, Kohl's, Target, and just a mall in general.
Culture shock really does take a while to set in. I really thought I was done with it all since I've been here for over half a year, but now I know better. Until I've been here for a full year and experienced all the holidays and weather, I'm not adjusted yet. Life can always throw a curve ball your way.
God Bless ♥ Vi