Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

One thing that I love about the Army is how family oriented a lot of the soldiers are. Tonight, one of my husband's coworkers is having a Super Bowl party for what sounds like nearly the whole platoon. It's really cool for me to experience things like this. I've never really held a job in the "real world," but from what I've heard from others, it's not always like this. I love how involved the soldiers let their families be.
Other than the party tonight, I've got some homework to finish up on today and some cleaning to do. I'm extremely exhausted right now, so I see a nap in my near future. School is really starting to take a tole on me. I didn't think that two extra credits would make that much of a difference... I was wrong. I don't know why, but 17 credits is much much more than 15. I know it's partially due to the classes that I'm taking. I don't really have any "elective" courses. I've got two History classes that are heavy in reading, a Biology class and lab, College Algebra, and Economics, and Global Citizens. It's a lot more than I was expecting, but (hopefully) nothing that I can't handle.
Pregnancy update: Mia won't leave my belly alone! I know that she can hear the heartbeat at this point because if I'm sitting, or laying, or peeing for that matter..., she's got her face on my stomach. It's really cute, but sometimes it's kind of irritating. I can't do anything without her now. If I close the bathroom door, she cries and barks. If I go outside without her, she freaks out. She's always been a somewhat clingy dog, but this brings it to a whole new level. She's not being mean or anything. She's just extremely attached. I have an appointment on Wednesday. I'm hoping to get a good ultrasound. I know that we won't find out the sex yet, but I'm hoping that they'll give us a better idea of when we will. I'm so excited. I know this is a short update, but that's all for now. I've got to go write my paper now. God Bless ♥ Vi