Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Much Needed Break

It's spring break week! Thank goodness. I'm so exhausted, more than I ever imagined possible. I should catch everyone up on the past week.
Wednesday I went to the doctor for baby. We're all healthy and growing. Baby's heartbeat was 158 steady. We find out the sex next Wednesday, 10 days! Thursday I took two midterms and worked with the therapy dogs before escaping for break. Friday we didn't do a whole lot. We hung out with some friends of ours, it's starting to become an every Friday thing. I love it.
 Yesterday, Hubby and I went up to Hilton Head Island for the day. We brought Mia too. She loved the beach and the sand. She wasn't too keen on the waves, but she still played in the water with us. I can't believe how much she's growing. She loved sunbathing with me too. I was really surprised that I didn't get burned, thankful though!
Today I've got a Thirty-One meeting with all my team members. It should be good to see everyone and connect again. I haven't seen most of these ladies since January.
For the most part, the rest of the week I plan to sit on my butt and relax. I don't want to do anything except lay in the sunshine and relax. It seems like nearly everything is stressing me out beyond normal. My hormones have been pretty crazy.
On a high note, my photography business has started to take off. I've had two sessions in the past week or so, and this coming week I've got another. I'm loving my new car still, but I'm definitely having to work it off. I don't want my husband to have to pay for everything. Doing photography is helping me feel like I'm more than just a house wife.
Sorry this update is sort of boring, I'm a bit of a zombie today. My mind is fried from last week. I'll update later this week with how the week is going. I've got a shoot on Tuesday at Tybee Island so I'll hopefully get some more sun. Have a great week everyone!
God Bless ♥ Vi.