Monday, April 23, 2012

Choices and Sacrifices

While my husband is away, I have much more time to think and do a little bit of personal growing. I've come to the sad conclusion that I lost a lot of important people when I chose to get married and move. Nothing will ever compare to some of the friendships that I had through high school. Everyone tells me that true friendships will stand the test of time, which I believe is true, but it still stinks loosing someone you though was a true friend.
A lot of the people that I couldn't imagine my life without are barely part of my life anymore. Some of these people have gradually drifted away from me, but others have left fairly quickly. I've only been in Georgia since July (about 10 months now). All things considered, that's really not a long time. I was home in December for two weeks, so it isn't like I completely disappeared. I'm still on Facebook and I still have this blog. I thought that this would help keep the people I care so much about in my life connected to me. I'm starting to think I was wrong.
I understand that it's hard to keep a friendship strong when there's a lot of distance present, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Some of my Army wife friends still have fantastic relationships with people from their home towns. I would almost be willing to say that their relationships are stronger now than they were before they left. I feel like I'm actually closer with my parents now than I was before (partly due to age and the fact that we have more in common now, but partly due to distance). Isn't it said that distance makes the heart grow fonder?
I hope that some of my friends will read this and try to get in touch with me. Some of the people I didn't really talk to before I left have made such great effort to keep in contact with me, it surprises me. I appreciate those who have continued to talk to me through everything.
I wouldn't change my decision to get married right after high school for anything. I love my life more than you could ever imagine. I never expected things to turn out as great as they have. I'm so happy with the life that my husband and I have made for ourselves. Our puppy is a God-sent when my husband is gone, and our daughter will be an even bigger blessing.  Sure, sometimes it's stressful being away from our families and friends, but it's worth it. The Army life is something that I've learned to love, even if it does mean losing some of the best friends I could have ever asked for.

God Bless ♥ Vi.