Monday, April 16, 2012

To Talk or Not to Talk?

Different people deal with problems in different ways. Some people need to talk about it, other people need to dwell on it, and others still need to blog about it! Depending on the problem, I deal with it in different ways.
Lately, my stress level has been pretty up and down. Some days I feel completely relaxed, while other days I feel like I'm about to explode. Overall, I feel like I'm dealing with all the complications with Adalin pretty well. It's really rough feeling so helpless, but I know that stressing about it can only make the problems worse. I've accepted them and have decided to let them take their course. I know that my doctors are skilled and that they know what they are doing. I was sent to them for a reason. There's nothing left to do except pray and wait. Right after we found out about all of her stuff, I didn't want to talk to anyone. People were pretty understanding about me not wanting to explain again and again (I still appreciate that very much!). After a few days, I was  much more able to talk about everything without crying. I'm out of my basket-case mode and feeling much much better now.
I was extremely stressed about not being able to go home, but I'm starting to deal with that as well. I have been pretty homesick lately (it's the hormones, I know) so a trip home was sounding amazing. Now that that's not happening, I'm dreading my husband leaving for training. I'm going to be so bored for a whole month! I know that I'll have stuff to do with the nursery and everything, but I was still really looking forward to seeing our families again. Now it will probably be November or December before I can go home. My husband is hoping to make a trip back before the baby comes so he can see everyone one more time. I'm kind of jealous but I know that he really should be able to see everyone even if I can't.
The last thing that I've had trouble talking about is the possibility of an upcoming deployment. We don't have an official date or paper orders. It's all just a possibility. I don't really want to think about it until I know it's for sure going to happen. It stresses me out more than needed. So for now, there's no talk of this "business trip" that he'll be taking someday. Every deployment is different, so it doesn't really help hearing that certain people are not doing any serious fighting, or that others are. No one's experience will be the same as my husband's and his fellow soldiers. Each and every soldier (even within his unit) will have a different outlook on what is to come. It's all up in the air.
Instead of trying to explain everything and get stressed out, sometimes it is better to put things out of mind until they are ready to be dealt with.

God Bless ♥ Vi