Sunday, May 13, 2012

For my Mommy

Happy Mother's Day! This is the first year that I've been away from my family for Mother's Day, and I must say that it's a little bit weird. Usually we go to church, go out to a Mother's Day lunch, and then do whatever mamma wanted for the rest of the day. This year, hubby is treating me to breakfast in town, and a relaxing day at home (I'm hoping to talk him into a pedicure).
I wanted to take the time to dedicate this post to my mom. She's been the best mom I could ever ask for. Even though she can be mean sometimes, annoy me, and even make me mad, she's awesome. She really is my best friend and I miss her more than she'll ever know.
My mom has been there for me through everything. Through my husband leaving and being gone at basic and AIT (even though she gave me tons of crap for being a crying baby), she comforted me. Through all my schooling, she helped me work it out. I distinctly remember a time when I had to read this awful book for a program at our church called Caravans. It was supposed to be finished that night and I had barely started it. My mom told me to read the first and last sentence in each paragraph, and the first and last paragraph in each chapter. If it seemed important, read it through, if not, you "skimmed." Best advice ever. I don't know how many times I've used that throughout my school life.
Now, my brother might tell you that my mom is the worst person to travel with because she talks to herself when the passenger doesn't talk to her and she doesn't like the radio too loud. We don't have that problem. My mom is actually one of the few people I can travel for 16 hours with, without wanting to kill by the end of it. We can listen to the radio (but not too loud, right Mom?), talk about God knows what, and just have fun. Granted, I do sleep in cars like it's nobody's business... but we still have fun.
My mom also loves to cuddle. Even though my brother might hate it, I still love to jump in bed with my mamma and spoon. I'm not afraid to admit it! I love my mamma!
I can only hope that I'll be as good of a mom that my mom has been to me. She's always been there for me, through thick and thin. She's let me make my own decisions (as hard as it may have been for her) and let me learn from my own mistakes. I think about how much she's done for me every day. I hope that she knows how much her love has meant to me through the years.
One of the hardest things about today is that I don't know when the next time I'll see my mom is. I was originally planning a trip to Michigan and would have been leaving on Tuesday this week. After finding out about Adalin's complications, I'm no longer allowed to travel more than an hour or so away from Savannah. That kind of put a damper on my plans... I know my family is planning to make a trip to see us once Adalin is born, but that's still a few months away. I miss my family more than words can express.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! I love you and miss you more than you'll ever know!

God Bless ♥ Vi.