Monday, May 28, 2012

New Found Free Time

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I'd like to take a moment to thank and remember everyone who has served, is serving, and will serve in our country's military. I truly appreciate what you do. Thank you! Your sacrifice means more to many than you know. 

I've been out of school for two whole weeks now and I've realized something. I do not miss driving for two and a half hours every day. Not only am I saving between $60 and $80 each week in gas, but I have an extra two hours every day. I am still taking two classes right now but they're online so I don't have to drive 110 miles (round trip) to campus at least four days each week. In fact, I should only have to drive to campus a maximum of three or four times between now and July 19th when my last class ends. One of my classes ends on June 20th (or something like that) so after that's done I'll have even more free time.
In a way, it's been really nice having so much extra time on my hands. I don't feel the least bit overwhelmed with housework or schoolwork. I know that I'm only taking six credit hours right now, so school should not be a burden at all, but it just feels great to be able to stay on top of everything and not have to worry about getting behind or forgetting an assignment here or there. I've been able to keep my house (relatively) spotless for almost a week because I actually have time to clean up after Mia and myself. My sink hasn't had a bunch of dirty dishes piling up, my laundry hamper is not overflowing, and the laundry basket actually holds all of the clean clothes without overflowing! It's honestly a great feeling.
I've even found a little extra time to do some redecorating. I found these Americana decor items at a garage sale over the weekend and couldn't help myself. They were only a dollar each (there's one more that doesn't exactly match these color-wise so I have it on a different wall). I'd actually bought the picture frames just to paint later. I found spray paint at Lowe's that matches some of the wall decor in the nursery perfectly so I've been painting random (ugly) picture frames baby pink to do a collage on Adalin's wall. I wasn't planning on using them while they were blue but they match my new stuff so I figured why not! They were only a dollar as well.
I absolutely love bargain shopping.  Dollar stores are my best friend when it comes to decorating. A lot of the stuff is cheaply made, but when you really think about it, how strong does something that is simply going to hang on the wall have to be? As long as it is out of reach of children and not someplace that it's going to get knocked into all the time, wall decor doesn't have to be that durable. I found  this monkey and butterflies (all one set except the two pink flowers) for just a dollar. There's actually another vine that comes off the side that I forgot to put on before I took this picture, along with a few more leaves. Not bad for a buck, right? I've decided that I'm going to start hitting up random dollar stores and discount stores (like Beals, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Burlington Coat Factory) about once a month in search for cheap decor. Since my hubby and I are still newlyweds, we don't have a ton of decorations through our house. We do have quite a few pictures up, most of which are from our wedding. However, other than that our walls are pretty naked. There's one wall in our dining room that is about 15 feet wide (and we have high ceilings so it's about 12 feet tall) that only has two small 4x6 pictures on it. It's my goal to have it beautified by the end of summer. I figure that if I pick up one random thing every few weeks, eventually our house will feel even more homey than it already does. This is what happens when I'm actually at home and awake for more than three or four hours every day. I will be sure to post pictures of all the progress I make though the next few months.

God Bless ♥ Vi