Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Problem with Materialization

If you've had a pair of jeans for years and they get a hole in them, what do you do? Throw them out? Patch them? What lengths will you go to in order to keep these perfectly worn-in jeans wearable? What if you've had a car for twenty years and it breaks down? What if it's going to cost more to fix it than it's worth? Do you sell it to the junk yard and take what you can get for it? Or do you repair it at all costs, preserving the memories it holds? Where is the line? At what point is something no longer worth fixing?
I saw something on Facebook a while back about how people should treat relationships like something worth fixing, not something worth replacing. I don't remember exactly what the quote was, but it has got me thinking.
America as a whole has become far too materialized. It's way too easy to just replace things that break, rather than fix them. Older generations are the butt of jokes because they're willing to spend more to fix a broken item instead of just buying a new (sometimes better) one. I think they've caught on to something though. Relationships aren't something we can just throw away and find a replacement. A lot of people seem to think that's how life works now. I guess, in a way, life does work that way now. This really saddens me. 
My husband has a tenancy of holding on to jeans for much longer than he should. I don't know how many patches he has on all these jeans, but he won't get rid of them. It used to bother me (Don't get me wrong, there's something sexy about ripped jeans... There is a limit though), but lately I've seen them in a different light. These jeans that are full of patches and holes are also full of memories. He might not be able to tell you where every single rip and tear came from, but he can certainly tell you where a lot of them did. This tells me something about how he thinks. He lives that "older" generation's way of life. He's willing to fix just about anything as long as it is physically possible. 
I want to treat our relationship the same way. I've seen too many couples just end their relationship because it takes too much work to fix. There are just too many rips and holes. As I said before, there is a point of no return, when there are more patches than original jean, it might be time to buy a new pair. Is just one or two holes enough for you to get rid of your loved one though? No! If you stub your toe, are you going to amputate your whole leg? No! So why do anything different with your relationship? 

Remember, relationships are precious. Marriage is sacred. Treat it that way. 

God Bless ♥ Vi.