Monday, June 11, 2012

What I Write to Him

A lot of people have asked me how I cope with my husband being away. My solution: I write him letters every day. When I tell people this, they ask me what I write about, how much I write, and what I include or don't include. I thought it would be easier to just post a letter I've written to him. So, here goes nothing!

Dear Hubby, 
       Only (xx) more days until I get to see you! Today was pretty good. The weather wasn't too bad and I got a lot accomplished. I mowed the lawn this morning and washed the car. It definitely needed it, both inside and out. I'm working ahead in my schoolwork so I won't have to do any when you get home. I deep cleaned the carpets and gave Mia a bath this afternoon. She was really stinky and dirty after digging a huge hole with one of her playdate friends. She's been pretty good since you've been gone other than the digging though. I was a little worried the first few days because she'd sit at the door for hours crying because she missed you. It is awful every time a loud truck like yours drives by. She's finally doing better now though. She's been sleeping on your pillow. It's supposed to be stormy the next few days so I won't be doing a whole lot. I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow but other than that my week is free. I'm staying as busy as I can though. I miss you like crazy. It's amazing to me how much I miss sleeping in the same bed as you, and cooking for you. I've probably only cooked a total of 3 meals since you've been gone. Adalin is doing well. She's still trying to stretch my hips apart, that hurts pretty good. She's very active too. I think she misses your voice, I know I do. I'm really doing well with this though. I know that deployment will be different than this, but I'm managing pretty well I think. Honestly, I don't think our house has ever been this clean. I never realized how messy you are ;) Just kidding, you know I love you and your stinky socks. Really though, I've deep cleaned so much in the past few days it's not even funny. I don't think the house was this clean when we moved in. I'm still trying to make everything absolutely perfect for you before you get home. I'm going to stock up the pantry with all your favorite foods and stuff and have a few bottles of cold Gatorade in the fridge waiting for you when you walk in the door. Well, that's all for today. I'll write tomorrow and let you know how the doctor's appointment went. I love you and I miss you like crazy. I'm keeping it together though, I have to stay strong to make you proud! 100% faithful babe, always and forever. I love you. 
P.S. I'll be sure to change your pillowcase before you get home so you won't have to sleep on Mia's drool! :) I love you baby. 

And that's it! A few pointers that I've found helpful:

  1. Always include the date. That way if the mail is slow (or you can't mail the letters to him because he's just in the field or in training somewhere), he'll know when what you're talking about was happening. 
  2. Don't leave out the little stupid stuff. If you'd tell him about it while he's home, tell him about it in the letter. 
  3. If you'd put it on Facebook, put it in the letter. You don't want him finding out about something important (or minor that could be taken the wrong way) through Facebook or Twitter instead of hearing the story from you. If you're going to lunch with a guy friend, or are at a party with guys, tell him. You don't want him seeing pictures of you with other guys and wondering if you're hiding something! 
  4. Make sure he knows he's missed. Even if everything is going completely fine, let him know that they would be even better if he was home. Believe it or not, guys want to be missed just as much as the wives do. 
  5. Do something consistently. Through all of basic training, I ended my letters with "100% faithful babe, always and forever." It was a way for him to know that my heart was still completely his, as well as everything else. Even though I know he doesn't "worry" about me cheating on him, I'm sure it is reassuring for him to see that at the end of every letter. 
  6. Always tell him you love him. God forbid something happen to him (or you), but if it does, your letter may be the last thing he gets from you. Don't try to pick fights through mail, or say things sarcastically (unless you put a ;) face or tell him you're kidding) because it's too hard to tell whether or not you're joking without a tone of voice to base off of. 
  7. Don't be afraid to ask him questions, even if you're not mailing him the letters. Sometimes just getting them out of your mind and onto paper will help you relax. 
Do any of my followers have tips for writing to your SO while they're away? What do you include/leave out? Anything fun you'd suggest? 
God Bless ♥ Vi