Friday, September 21, 2012

Things You Don't Need During Pregnancy

What did I find completely unnecessary during pregnancy? A lot of things. Here are a few I thought are the most common purchases that don't need to happen.

  1. Belly Band: Though I did wear one for support for a little while, the belly bands for fashion (covering your unzipped zipper) are not necessary.  I just wore long tank tops and that worked fine. If you really feel compelled to buy some, don't spend a ton because you'll only be wearing them for a few months. 
  2. Maternity Underwear: Really? No. My underwear did get a little bit tight towards the end of pregnancy, but just buying a bigger size was fine. They don't tell you that your butt gets bigger too during pregnancy; it's not just your belly. Retailers will try to convince you that these are the only way to go, but they really aren't. Hanes cotton bikinis did just fine for me. 
  3. Belly Buds: Three words: use normal headphones. Shoot, don't use headphones at all. I just played music on my computer or through the tv loud enough for Adalin to hear through my belly. She still jumped around and kicked like crazy. If you don't want to listen to music along with your baby, hook some normal headphones up and stick a little masking tape over them if you don't want to hold them. 
  4. Maternity Swimwear: Be bold, and wear a bikini! If you're not comfortable with it, then just buy a normal tankini in a bigger size (trust me, your boobs will thank you). It's really just another scam to get pregnant hormonal women to spend extra money. 
  5. Home Ultrasound Machine: I feel like I shouldn't even have to explain this. I did invest in a cheap doppler so I could hear Adalin's heartbeat whenever I wanted though. I got mine for around $30. If you are going to buy a doppler, don't get a "heart listener" because all those are is a microphone you put on your belly. You want to get an actual fetal doppler. The ultrasound machines, though nice, are extremely expensive and just not worth it. 
  6. Grocery Delivering Service: To be honest, I'd never even heard of this during pregnancy until today when I was looking to see what other sites were saying about pregnancy must-haves. All I have to say about this is that you need to get off your fat behind and go buy some food. Unless you're on bed rest, there is no reason you can't walk around the grocery store and shop. Obviously don't go around picking up 40lbs bags of dog food, ask for help. You can definitely pick up pretty much everything else you'll need though. Don't waste your money on this. 
That tops off my list. If you have any other additions, please feel free to comment! I'd love to hear your experiences as well. 

God Bless ♥ Vi