Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Never Fails!

I always say that I'm going to get back on to blogging regularly, but something always comes up when I go to post. So, almost a month later, I'm back! So, here's a general update:

I've been handling this deployment pretty well for the past month. I had a bit of a rough time adjusting to life in Georgia again after visiting Michigan for three weeks. It was actually much harder than I expected, but I'm doing fine now. I think there was a small part of me that was almost expecting my husband to be at our house when I got back. I know that sounds completely stupid, but I think I sort of forgot that I was alone. I forgot how quiet our house is all the time. Solution? Netflix, all day long. Even if I'm not watching it, I have something on the TV. I hate the silence.

Adalin is doing well. We scheduled her surgery for January. I'm glad that we finally have a date, but now I am counting down the days until we go in. I'm terrified to let the doctors cut into my precious little baby. I can't believe she's already almost four months old! That's absolutely insane to me. She's over 16 pounds now and in 9 month clothing.

School is... oh goodness. It has been harder than I expected to keep up with classes while raising a child. I'm currently only taking 13 credits, but I'm falling behind. We only have a few weeks left in the semester (thank God!) so I'm trying to get everything in and done. Next semester I'm tackling one extra class so I'll be taking 16 credits. Pray for me!

Other than that, nothing is really going on. I'm doing well! I'm going back to Michigan for Christmas. Hopefully I'll stay on top of this blog again!

God Bless, ♥ Vi