Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Update

Since I feel like I'm going to get lots of traffic tonight, I thought I would update a bit. I'm doing well with this deployment still. We're officially 25% done! Woo hoo! I've been staying really fast, and my growing baby has helped pass the time a ton. I have been busy busy busy with her!

Another thing that has helped is my counter: 
Before Deployment

25% Done!

This counter is helping me so much! Every day, I get a little burst of happiness when I move a pebble. Although each day is only a fraction of a percent, it's one pebble closer. Also, when I go home to visit family, I get to move tons of pebbles at the same time and that is an amazing family. It's wonderful!! 

Well, that's all I've got time for tonight. My Sugar Butt is wanting her dinner and bath. So, I'll update again soon! 

God Bless ♥ Vi