Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Deployment Development

Before I start today's post, I must say that I'm thrilled with this month's blog happenings. I've actually managed to post more this month than I have in the last three or so combined. "Yay!" for consistency!

We are officially half way done with this deployment. I am loving having to reach further and further into my "Days to go" jar every day.
Now, deployment can do many things to a person, as well as to a relationship. I think that it really brings out the true colors of a person. It makes them realize what is really important to them in life. 

Some realize that family is the most important aspect in life. These people are the ones whose relationships grow stronger, whose families get closer, and whose life seems fuller every day. These are the people who get a much greater appreciation for life. 

Others realize that life and longevity are most important to them. I heard a fun fact today, apparently the first person who is expected to live to be 150 was born this year. These people are the ones who work out constantly, make it a goal to get fit, and strive to come out of deployment healthier than they came in. 

Others still focus more on themselves. Sometimes (unfortunately), this turns the person sour. They may even abandon their family and friends. I don't know why this happens. In an attempt to justify, maybe it's because they are put in such desperate conditions that they go into a mental panic mode. They will do anything to keep themselves sane and alive. I really don't know, that's just one possible theory I have. It makes me sad to see these relationships fall apart. Not only spouses, but children, parents, siblings, and friends are all affected. It's just depressing. 

In my husband's case (we haven't really talked about this, I'm just going off of what I've seen in him), he's a combination of the first two. After coming home for emergency leave, I think how much he is missing with Adalin hit him hard. He made a point to spend as much time with her as possible. It was absolutely adorable to say the least. 

Since he's been back, he calls more and absolutely loves seeing pictures of Adalin (I know he did before too, but it seems like he likes them even more now). He also has been working on his personal fitness. Since he's been back after leave, he's been hitting the gym pretty much every day. He had already bulked up quite a bit during the first half of the deployment, but I'm excited to see how much more he does by the end. I love that he's taking care of himself over there. I want him around for at least sixty-something more years, assuming I live that long... 

At the end of the day, deployment can be a making point or breaking point. I've found that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. I'm falling more in love with my husband every single day. I can't wait to have our little family reunited. 

God Bless ♥ Vi