Friday, February 15, 2013

Deployment Drama

Let's face it: when you remove all men from the picture for nine months, there is bound to be drama. I swear, women are just not supposed to get along all the time. It's something I don't understand. Why can't we be like men, cursing each other and fighting one minute, then best friends shaking hands the next? Well, I suppose that would be a bit extreme, but still... Why do women have to be so dramatic?

To avoid as much drama as possible during this deployment, I've stuck to my close group of friends. As much as I would like to branch out and get to know more of the wives from the company, I only see that causing trouble.

I have heard about all kinds of crazy women throughout the last few months. When I say crazy, I literally mean on the border of mentally ill.Women making up stories of others cheating, talking crap for no reason, and some other things I care not to post... My jaw has been on the floor far too many times.

My best advice for avoiding this is to simply watch who your friends are. If you tell your husband, "I'm hanging out with PFC Pokey Joe's wife tomorrow," and he doesn't seem overly thrilled, chances are that he knows something you don't. If the soldier is "off," the wife will be "off." Rarely does someone sane marry someone not so sane. I haven't found a case that isn't true so far.

The group of girls that I'm closest with are absolutely wonderful. We've had a lot of great adventures so far and I'm sure that the second half of deployment will bring even more. I have about two weeks before what I'm declaring "Beach Week." A few friends of mine are coming down for a week and I'm hoping to spend at least three days at the beach. Another friend of mine (from here) and I are on a work out craze right now too. She got a Jillian Michaels workout program and I will say it's pretty intense. I've been doing "Fab Ab February" since the first and am absolutely floored by my progress in push-ups already. I've gone from doing 1-2 girl push-ups to doing 20 easily.

I have to wrap this up for now. Miss Adalin is crawling around our living room getting into anything and everything she can. It is definitely time to finish up baby-proofing.

Happy Friday!

God bless ♥ Vi