Friday, February 08, 2013

Surgery and Emergency Leave

Wow, I'm awful about updating this lately. Adalin had her surgery and my husband was indeed able to come home for it! We are so blessed. I'll start from some changes a few weeks back.

Adalin's surgery was spontaneously changed a week later than expected, on very short notice. This caused all sorts of chaos here. I was worried about my husband not being able to come home, or coming too early. However by the grace of God, he arrived 2 days before surgery, exactly as we had hoped. 

Surgery went smoothly. She was in there a little longer than we expected, but she didn't even have to go into recovery. She went straight to the PICU and we were able to go see her shortly after. She stayed in PICU for a little over 24 hours. When we first saw her, I felt so much pain in my heart. Honestly, aside from watching her go back for surgery, this was the worst part for me. Seeing her in pain and suffering was absolutely horrible. Here's some of what we first saw in PICU. I chose not to post pictures of her chest tube or incision area on here since it is pretty sad.
My sweet angel sleeping in PICU after surgery.
After we left PICU we went to the normal Pediatrics unit for two days. After her chest tube was removed, Adalin was like a completely different baby. She was sitting up on her own again, wanting to play, and started eating slowly but surely. It was great to have my baby somewhat back to normal. 

Since we've been home, she's completely normal again except her scar.  She's actually made loads of progress developmentally since surgery. She's sitting up on her own even better, going from laying to sitting on her own (that just happened today!), and is scooting everywhere, sometimes "crawling" but mostly scoot. She's such a little trooper. At her two week check-up, the doctor decided that we no longer need to have check-ups. If we think that she's having any problems, we can take her in. Otherwise, the surgeon never has to see her again. We are so blessed. ♥ 
I will post a (not so high quality) picture of what her incision looks like, but I'll warn you that it's kind of sad. 

I know you can't see it great, but it's about 4-5 inches long and goes from under her armpit to on her back. I'm hoping that it will fade with time, but if not it will be her battle scar! She's gonna be a sassy little diva. We can tell already.

Well, that's all I have for you tonight.
God Bless ♥ Vi