Thursday, March 14, 2013

Different Backgrounds, Different Dreams

After taking with a friend who is from "the city" today, we both came to a very huge realization: where you grow up changes your outlook a ton.

For those of you who don't know me personally, here's a bit about my background. I grew up in a town whose population is (get ready for this) 1,856 people as of the July 2011 census. The county my hometown is in has a whopping 281,613 people. The sad part? The state capitol is also in that county. I'm used to small towns. My hometown has a small grocery store, three gas stations (which is a bit overkill if you ask me), a McDonalds, a few pizza places, and one stop light. Oh! We also have a Subway, but that went in after I left. There are a lot of locally owned restaurants, salons, and other small businesses (like B&T Excavating! Love you, Daddy), but when it comes to chain restaurants and businesses we get the short end of the stick. My graduating class was really close to 100 people, including several foreign exchange students. To say that I come from a small town might be an overstatement, more live a small village.

Now for my friend's statistics. Her hometown has 71,517 people. Her county has 1,969,722 people. I almost had a stroke. That is almost double seven of my hometown's surrounding counties combined. My mind is just blown.

What got as talking about this is our views on the military. I find myself looking at the Army as a list of endless opportunities. It got my husband and I out of our small town, and has given us the chance to see the country (and the world in my husband's case). It has given us a way to make a life for ourselves, given us new friends, and new experiences. Coming from a tiny town, it's a lot easier to go up than down though. In my friend's case, it's different. There are so many opportunities to grow where she's from. As she said, she has a "big mind" and it's too much for this Army town. Although good ole Hinesville has a lot more to offer than my hometown, it definitely isn't the best place ever. There are a lot of things that this down doesn't have, like a bowling alley (even though there are two on post), an outdoor community pool (even my lil town has one!), and a major employer that's a go-to after school. It's a nice middle-ground though.

In the end, we came to the conclusion that where you come from definitely has an impact on where you want to go. For me, military towns are big. For others, they're small. It's all about perspective.

God Bless ♥ Vi