Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mommy on Duty

Before I post this, I want to make it clear that I love my daughter more than anything in this world. She's my pride and joy and I wouldn't change my decision to have her for anything. She keeps me sane and grounded, and reminds me of what is important in life. Adalin is my whole world.

Being on duty 24/7 with Adain can sometimes take a tole. Not having a break very often can get somewhat exhausting. I love spending time with her and watching her grow, but sometimes I need a break. Since I've started hitting the gym a few times each week, it's been great having her in daycare and out of my hands for a bit. Even though I freak out while she's there, it's been nice.

These little breaks have been helping with my sanity. I plan on going to the gym a few times this week. I also have a dentist appointment (yippee!).. I'm definitely nervous for that, but I'm excited to get her more socialized and comfortable away from me. I know that it will be good for us both.

Here's a video of what we've been up to lately:

I love her little voice! The second "mamma" just warms my heart. Her voice is so sweet and innocent. It's just... ah! I love it!

Well, that's all I have for the evening. I'm about to enjoy a week of no homework and lots of relaxing. Spring break is here!

God Bless ♥ Vi