Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today has been one of "those" days for both my daughter and myself. For me, it hasn't really been a down day, just a "wow" day. I'm in shock. It's April 28th. In three days, my baby will be 3/4 of a year old. Nine months. Wow. My husband will have been deployed for seven months very soon. That means that we're closing in on the end. We're starting to eliminate which flights he's not on. That might not seem happy, but it's one step to closure. It's ending the "is he going to be home in xx amount of weeks?" feelings. I'm just ready to be back to normal.

I can't get over how much everything has changed in the last six months. Here's a picture from before my husband left:

Adalin was right around two months in this picture, a mere 10 pounds. Looking at our little family actually brings a bit of a tear to my eye. I am ready for this again. I'm ready for my husband to be home, to hold my hand, while I hold our daughter. I'm ready for him to look down at her and smile, rather than have him see her through a computer screen. I'm just ready for this. 

And then comes the now...

Here, Adalin is 8 months old, and a whopping 20 pounds. She's aware, alert, and so very mobile. All of these changes are things that are foreign to my husband. He sees daily pictures and gets updates constantly about every new thing that she does, but it's not the same. He's not used to having a daughter who crawls, babbles, and does pretty much whatever she wants. He's coming home to a different baby. I love that he has been able to watch her change through Skype and Facebook, so he won't be in complete shock. Yet all I can say is simply, "Wow." Look at her grow. ♥ 

This is what my day has consisted of, reviewing deployment. I'm going to make a list of everything that I can think of that has changed. Everything from the new couch and chair in our living room, to the new yard accessories (and grass!), to Adalin's changes, to the length and color of my hair. Every section of life is bound to change in six months, let alone nine. That's a lot to walk in to. I'm trying to prepare my husband and our family the best way I can for reintegration. 

Adalin's day has just been blah. She's slept most of the day away. Waking up at nine, just go go back to sleep at 10... Then she woke up at 11:30, to go back to sleep at 1:30. She's now been sleeping for an hour and a half and is still pretty knocked out. She must be growing! Her nine month check-up is on Wednesday so I'll be sure to post about how she's doing in the doctor's eyes. 

I'm off for now, to go clean and organize. There's another change! Organization has been a big importance to me, and it wasn't so much when Hubby deployed. Anyway, have a great rest of the weekend!

God Bless ♥ V