Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Chair Makeover

Today I took on a project that I'd consider a bit premature, but it helped pass some time. Adalin's "time out chair" is now complete! Until she's old enough to actually be put in time out, and not fall out of the chair... it will be used as a photo prop and door stop. 

I was surprised with how easy this was. Here's my before picture of the chair. It was inherited from my husband's great grandparents... so it's old. 

Stained, hard, and chipped paint.

I started by taking off the cushion part. All that took was 4 screws and a bit of a push, it had been glued on as well. 

I then refinished the cushion, sorry I didn't take a picture of this part. All I did was pull the staples out of the fabric, and rip it off. I had some old egg crate foam laying around from when we moved, so I cut a section of that to add on top of the old padding (which was still in good condition, as they'd been refinished once before). Now it's extra comfortable. I reattached the new fabric and glued it like it was before. Just make sure that it's tight on top. 

After that part was done, I sanded and spray painted the chair. Since it was nice outside, the paint dried really quickly. It's not quite as pink as I was expecting, but it is a nice pale pink. 

The paint I used, sprays well and covers nicely. 

After paint.

Once the paint was good and dry, about 30 minutes I'd say, I reassembled everything. It went back together as easily as I took it apart. I did move the cushion back a little bit from where it was before, but I love how it turned out. 

This was definitely a great lazy day project. I'm excited to use it in some of Adalin's pictures now!

God Bless ♥ Vi