Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seeing Beauty

"You'd be surprised how beautiful your life can be through someone else's eyes."

I read that quote this evening and had a major moment of clarity. No matter how messed up everything in this world is right now, life is beautiful. Let me try to make my point a little more visual...

I did a quick Google search and found this "ugly landscape:" 

Now at first glance, it's definitely not what most people would call pretty. Yet, I'm willing to bet that some of those stones on the bottom are pretty. There might be some flowers blooming along the fence, and who doesn't love palm trees? 

This may not have been the best example, but I'm sure that you are starting to get my point. It can work the other way too though. 

Here was what I found for "pretty landscapes:" 

This is gorgeous, right? But what about the mold on those boards, or the chain link fence behind it... or the dead foliage? I think that dock is leaning pretty bad too. That might not be very safe... See? Even something pretty can be picked apart and become ugly. 

My point is that it all depends on how you look at life. With all the violence in our country this week, it's easy to sit here and think that it can't get worse, that our country is falling apart, and that the world is a dirty awful place. Just take a moment and think about all the good that happened today. About 361,481 babies were born today. Around 6,400 people got married today. You probably laughed today (here's a neat statistic I just found... Apparently children laugh around 400 times per day, while adults average around 5 times per day. Let's change that.). 

Good things happen, especially when you look for them. Even on bad days, good things happen. Remember that somewhere in the world, there's someone who wishes that they had it as good as you do. As I sit here on my comfy couch with my nice laptop, listening to Pandora with my feet propped up, sipping on a glass of purified water, I can't help but realize how blessed I am. My daughter is sound asleep in her bed, I talked to my husband today, my house has heat, my fridge is full of food. All of these things are things that many people don't get to enjoy. 

Really take a few minutes tonight and look at all the beautiful things in your life. Even though your cupboards might hang crooked like mine do, at least you have cupboards. Take a moment to be thankful for the life you have and see the beauty in it all. 

God Bless ♥ V