Friday, May 31, 2013

Organization and Cleaning Challenge

Starting on Monday, I'm going to challenge myself. I'm taking the next three weeks to clean. Room by room, I'm going to reorganize everything. Here's my (tentative) plan:

Week 1
M: Pantry- Check expiration dates, get rid of anything we're not going to eat, and re-categorize and organize.
T: Adalin's Closet- Wish me luck... Really though, it's going to take all day. I'm guilty of using parts of her closet as my own. I have a guitar in there, prom dress, wedding dress, a few coats... lots of stuff. It's time to find new places for those things so we can actually use her closet like a closet.
W: My Closet- Not as bad as Baby A's, but it still needs help. With moving all of my stuff out of her closet, I'm going to need to do some spring cleaning. Anything I haven't worn in a year (with the exception of dress clothes) is going. Winter clothes are going into storage.
T: Husband's Army Closet- I'm scared. That closet really hasn't been opened in about 8 months. I'm afraid that I'm going to find some animals in there.... literally. I'm setting off a bug bomb this weekend, so hopefully that will knock out any spiders that may feel the need to make me pee myself.
F: Anything that isn't done in the list above- Today is if I slack off earlier in the week, which is a pretty good possibility.

Week 2
M: Movies and Media- We have two movie shelves, one for baby/kid-friendly movies, and one for our movies. Right now they're not organized at all.
T: Carpets- I'm renting a Rug Doctor and cleaning my floors. It needs done bad. There are lots of random stains from Baby A
W: Surgery... No cleaning that day. Just attempting to stay calm.
T: Recovery.. and fixing my hair. Since they're shaving part of my head, I need to get a style fix.
F: Bathrooms- Sanitize and steam clean!

Week 3
Whatever is left. I have no plan, just random cleaning!

I'll post before and after pictures as I go.

Have a great weekend!

God Bless ♥ V