Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome Home Soldiers!

I tell you what, homecomings will never get old. There are no words to explain the level of excitement at these ceremonies. I shocked myself last night, and actually didn't cry. Seeing so many friends reunited with their husbands made me so happy. I just love homecomings! Here are a few of the pictures that I got last night:

There are so many more that I have yet to go through. It's always such a great experience. The high lasts for days. Adalin was a riot last night. She's getting so much more interactive. When everyone was screaming and clapping as the soldiers entered the field, Adalin joined in with her own little shouts and claps. Check out her scream face: 

She's such a goof ball. She had such a blast. I'm so excited to see her at our homecoming. She was so happy to see all the men in uniform, but I think she was a little confused... All I heard until she went to sleep was "Da da dadda! Da da da!" This little girl loves her dad like it's nobody's business. I just love it. 

Welcome home soldiers! You were missed! 

God Bless ♥ V