Thursday, June 06, 2013

BabyPlush Teething Guard Review (Sponsored)

This post is a sponsored review for Etsy Shop BabyPlush.
I received a discount on products in exchange for this review.

BabyPlush is an Etsy shop of "handcrafted items perfect for birthdays, baby showers, holidays or just because! You will find baby legwarmers, shopping cart covers, diaper wallets, car seat covers, blankets, bibs and more!"

I found this shop in my pursuit to find something  to protect Baby A's crib from her little razor-like teeth. I found this listing and contacted Katie (the owner) to get my order started. Katie is a fellow military wife as well, her husband is in the Air Force. They've been married for five years now. She has a four year old son and a one year old daughter. It was her desire to make her daughter's nursery bedding that led her to creating BabyPlush. She strives to make unique and affordable quality items for babies, their brothers and sisters, and their moms! She makes every item she sells. Katie provides awesome customer service and a great turn-around time.

I was so excited to get these awesome teething guards from BabyPlush. Since a few months ago, Baby A has been really bad about teething on her crib rails. Her crib is solid wood, and great quality, so I'd definitely like to keep it for Baby #2 someday. It's convertible, so I plan to use it as her toddler bed as well. That being said, I want to keep it in as best shape as possible. With Miss A chewing it constantly, I needed to invest in something to protect it. Here's what I got: 

As you can tell, Baby A loves them. I fee better about her jumping on the bed too, since these guards are thick fleece. They protect her little head from the edges very nicely. I had an issue keeping the center tied in the front because of the wide bar in the middle. After sending these photos to Katie, she immediately made a new one with six ties instead of five, and also made it a bit wider to cover more of the front rail. BabyPlush customer service is awesome

She plays with them quite a bit. In the first few days, they stretched a bit (like all fleece does) so I retied them and haven't had any issue since. 

As any mom knows, babies don't "pose" for pictures very well. So you know that these were necessary from that picture. She chews on everything she can get her mouth on. 

I do double knot the bows so Baby A can't untie them. She's a smart little cookie, who is obsessed with ribbons and ties. Since I double-knotted them, I have had no issues whatsoever! 

Overall, I absolutely love BabyPlush. I wish would have found her sooner so I could have ordered some of Baby A's essentials. I will definitely be going to this Etsy shop for Baby #2 (someday). 

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