Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Climber Baby

Baby A is fearless. I tell you, there isn't a thing in this world that my child won't try. She is climbing on literally everything now, so I'm facing a whole new set of challenges. 

Today, she managed to reach on top of a table that had been completely ignored by her for the last several months. She grabbed a glass vase, my "Days Done" counter jar: 

This photo was taken a week or two ago, so it's even fuller now. Anyway... it shattered. Glass went everywhere and she freaked out. It didn't hit her, or hurt her at all. But goodness did it scare the crap out of her. I ended up cutting my foot and my hand while cleaning it up, but nothing major. Adalin is just fine now, but I'm going to have to reevaluate all of my baby-proofing. She can reach much higher than I though. 

I am starting to face a whole new set of challenges as she grows up. The taller (and braver...) she gets, the more I have to take care of. In a way, it's been great for housekeeping because I've been forced to eliminate a lot of clutter in the house. The worst part is that I'm literally running out of places to put things. I am going to invest in a few wicker baskets to keep things neatly tucked away, but it won't be long before she can reach those too. I'm not looking forward to that. 

In other news, I finished my patriotic wreath! I'm going to be posting a tutorial in a few days. I'm beyond happy with how it turned out. 

I'm off to go clean some more. I'm in major nesting mode after today's incident. 

God Bless ♥ V