Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reintegration: Week 2

Again, sorry this is late. I'll assure you that next week's will probably be late too... but hey, at least I'm giving you some warning. Okay, so overall week recap: things are good. Everything is feeling more and more "normal" and we're starting to find our flow. 

Things I'm Loving:
  1. Adalin- She still tops the list. This girl loves her daddy. Even though she still tends to prefer me when she's upset... she knows who daddy is and boy, oh boy, does she love him. It just melts my heart seeing them together.
  2. Extra Hands- This week, I noticed more than the week before... he's helping out. It is absolutely fantastic to have an extra set of hands around to move furniture, open doors, pick up the baby, feed the dog... you name it. Four hands are better than two.
  3. Love- As I said, things are feeling more normal now. We're transitioning out of the honeymoon phase and starting to get back into our routine. Our love feels more natural again.I don't feel rushed to get a kiss into every single minute of the day. We don't have to sit on the same couch... I don't feel bad for taking 20 minutes to shower instead of 10. It's okay for us to be ourselves again, and that's a good feeling. 
Things That are Driving Me Nuts: 
Like I said in my last post, reintegration is an adjustment. Fights and irritants are going to happen. Since we're coming out of the honeymoon phase, true colors are starting to show.

  1. Laundry and Dirty Clothes- This has always been an issue in our house.  I hate folding laundry. I'll wash and dry clothes all day long, but I do not want to fold. It's frustrating for my husband (and me too, I'll admit) to have a pile of clothes that's waist high in the corner. We can never find his freaking Adidas socks (his favorite) and he can never have enough clean underwear. Sometimes I feel like screaming "Just do your own dang laundry!" or "Would it kill you to fold that shirt?" but I don't... The other part of this is that he likes to leave socks out to wear later in the day. I hate having dirty laundry in the living room. So, when he takes his socks off... I take care of them. Now he's going through tons of socks in a day, which leads back to more laundry.
  2. Patience- We are both learning to live with each other again. Yesterday, we put together Mr. Gunner's kennel. It's huge, like really huge, and it was a pain in the butt to put together. We argued quite a bit about who was doing it right, which way the sides went, and how everything attached to itself. Eventually we ended up taking the whole thing apart and starting over. It was a good learning experience for us though.. It definitely stretched our patience with each other, but now we can stretch it even more. We are definitely making progress.
  3. Planning- My husband is super "Whatever floats your boat..." about pretty much everything. I'm much more "What color is the boat, when was it made, who is the captain, what time is it leaving, how long will we be gone, what kind of toilet paper do they use on the boat?" about a lot in life... Granted that last question is a bit of a stretch, I like to know what's going on. I hate asking what's going on tomorrow and getting a simple "I dunno" answer. With less than a week until we leave for Michigan, and still not having even started packing, or having a set time to leave... I'm stressed. Adalin's birthday party is in three days and we don't have a grill yet, we haven't bought food because we don't have a set headcount, and I'm not sure if I have all the decorations. Does this bother my husband? Not at all. Does it bother me? To the moon and back, yes. This is just a personality type difference that I have to adjust to again. I used to be fully adjusted to this, we balanced each other out... We just need to mesh again.

    Well, that's all I've got for this week!

    God Bless ♥ V