Thursday, November 21, 2013

Amy's Cute Creations Review

*This is a sponsored review. I received a discount in product price in exchange for an honest review and photos of the product. These opinions are my own and are not censored by the sponsor.

Recently I had the privilege of working with Amy's Cute Creations. I'll start by saying that Amy is awesome. Those of you who know me personally know that my daughter is slightly extremely obsessed with Curious George. She has too many monkeys to count. Last year, we had a crocheted giraffe hat for her, since Mommy was a tad obsessed. This year, it only seemed fitting that we get a monkey one. I found Amy's page  through a friend of mine on Facebook. I sent her a message showing her the kind of hat that I was hoping to get, and she went to work!

A mere eight days later, she had it ready to go! She sent me these photos:

It really is as amazing as it looks. Not only did she match the flower to Miss A's coat, but it also fits her perfectly. It's warm, and my little hat-hater actually keeps it on! I was worried about keeping her ears warm while we went back to Michigan for Christmas this year, but my fears have completely vanished since she has started wearing this hat around the house pretty frequently. To be completely honest, sometimes I hide it from her because I don't want her to hide it from me.

Here are some of the photos I took for Amy: 

Overall, I give Amy's Cute Creations an A in my book!