Saturday, November 02, 2013

Stupid Ear Infections

I am so sick of Miss A getting ear infections. I seriously hate them. I'm actually unsure how many she's had now, since they're so reoccurring. Do I count them by the number of antibiotics she's been on? or the times she's been to the doctor for them? or by the times they've completely cleared up? She's been suffering for three weeks straight now.

We took her to the ER today after she woke up acting really strange this morning. She kept screaming for no reason. We took her temperature and it was 100.9 so we went in. By the time we got there, it had jumped to 101.8. After about an hour and a half wait, they got us in. Sure enough, another ear infection. The doctor said that she's in "antibiotic failure," and that they're out of options for antibiotics. She got a set of two shots today, to be repeated tomorrow and Monday, as a last resort. They're also referring us to see an ENT specialist to discuss tubes in her ears. When this option was put out there, I completely broke down.

I can't imagine my baby having to have two surgeries before she's two. I'm still traumatized from lung surgery. I keep flashing back to sending her in with the nurse. I remember walking into the PICU and seeing my little baby, puffy and not yet awake from the anesthesia. I remember being scared to death the whole time she was in the operating room. I know that tubes aren't nearly as extreme as removing a third of her lung, but it's still surgery. She'd still have to be knocked out for it. She'd still have recovery time. It scares me. How am I twenty years old, and have never had surgery... but she's less than a year and a half and has had a major one, and is being recommended another? I don't get it. Life isn't fair.

On a higher note, the ErgoBaby carrier saved our butt today. I seriously love this thing. She knocked out on me for about half an hour in the waiting room, then again after she got the shot. This kid doesn't sleep anywhere but her bed and car seat, so I was extremely thankful that she fell asleep in the carrier today. I love having her close to me, while still having free hands. I highly recommend it to anyone with a chunky babe. She's 24 pounds and some change now, and doesn't hurt my back or shoulders at all. I wore her about 80% of the time we were in the ER today, and I'm not the least bit sore from it.

I'll keep you all posted as we find out more. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her. 

God Bless ♥ V