Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I'm Thankful For (Part Three)

This is part three of my 2013 What I'm Thankful For series. See part one here and part two here

Today was an awesome day overall. This morning, my husband was thrilled to see frost on the ground. That's as close as we get to snow down here, so it was welcomed with open arms. He and Adalin played outside with the dogs while I whipped up cinnamon rolls and an apple pie (which turned out delicious, I might add).

Thanksgiving dinner turned out great, we had ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and biscuits. Though it wasn't as hardy of a feast as many, it was perfect for the three of us. We finished off the evening with a walk down the road to some friends of ours to watch a little football and enjoy good company. Now that Miss A is knocked out from an exhausting day, here we go!

21. I'm thankful for my ErgoBaby carrier. I didn't baby-wear enough to say so when Adalin was actually a baby. I had a cheap Evenflo carrier that didn't fit properly, and made my little girl's legs turn purple, so I never used it. I have a close friend who baby-wears almost constantly, and we got to talking about the Ergo. I'd seen it around a few other times, and thought I might like it better than a wrap or another type of carrier. Dang, are they expensive though. Anyway... on my trip to Michigan in September, trying to navigate the Charlotte NC airport with a one year old, stroller, carry on, and diaper bag was no easy task. I decided it would be easier if I could have another free hand to manage all this stuff. I found a great deal on Amazon and my loving, wonderful grandparents bought it for me (thank you times a million, again). It's amazing. When Miss A is not feeling well, in the Ergo she goes. When we're out doing something and I need both my hands, in the Ergo she goes. She rides when we go for walks, and even around the house when she's feeling needy. It's amazing. I can wear my 24.5 pound chunker on my front or my back, with no issues whatsoever. I'm still kicking myself for not getting one sooner.

From before our walk this evening
22. I'm thankful for awesome neighbors. Even though we don't know the people who live right next to us very well, we've got some great friends in the neighborhood. There are actually three families that we know pretty well here, one of which is moving several states away in a matter of days. I'm so sad to be losing them. I know we'll stay in touch, but I'm still a little torn up. Another one of the families have a daughter who is only eight days younger than Adalin. They get along great. I love hanging out with them, watching football, letting the girls play, and eating some pretty tasty food. They're great. The last family, we don't know too well. He worked with my husband when Jimmy first got to Fort Stewart. We've hung out with them a few times since, but not as frequently as I would have liked. It's still nice knowing another family in our little subdivision though.

23. I'm thankful for hair color. Anyone who knows me knows that I change my hair color like the wind changes direction. It's nice to be able to change things up once in a while. Who knows which color I'll go next?!

24. I'm thankful for non-stick spray. I can count how many pans I would have ruined if it weren't for good ole Pam. That stuff is like magic.

25. I'm thankful for online shopping. This year, I'm really not feeling like fighting the crowds on Black Friday. Instead, I'll sit here on my comfy couch, browsing different websites to see where I'm going to get the best deal. All this saving money, without having to threaten someone within an an inch of their life over a pair of shoes. I'll admit, I may have a slight addiction, but it's one I can control (most days). I have already saved $50 on one of Adalin's Christmas presents!

26. I'm thankful for leftovers. Guess who isn't cooking the rest of the weekend? This girl! We have leftover pizza from last night. There's also ham, potatoes, corn, and biscuits from today. I'm sure I'll probably cook a little bit on Sunday, if my husband is lucky.

27. I'm thankful for stretchy pants. Come on, it's Thanksgiving. We're all thankful for them. For real though, Victoria's Secret yoga pants are pretty much my favorite thing ever. So comfy!

28. I'm thankful for my daughter being an easy sleeper. As much as I loved rocking her to sleep when she went through a short phase that allowed me to, I adore being able to tell her "Let's go to bed baby!" and have her run into her room, only to knock out without a fight after only a few moments. She's been a great sleeper for a long time, which makes life much easier for this momma.

29. I'm thankful for Downy Unstoppables. I can't use scented detergent since I have super sensitive skin, but the Unstoppables don't bother me so I love them. We use the purple kind and they work great. 

30. I'm thankful for my blog. This is post number 100 for this year. It's been great being able to share my experiences with motherhood, Adalin's surgery, deployment, and life in general. I'm thankful for all my readers who care enough to read these long and rambling posts. I'm thankful to be able to speak my mind without a crazy backlash for a controversial opinion. I'm just very thankful.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know this one will be one we remember for years to come. I'm off to go online shopping to snatch up some good deals! 

God Bless ♥ V