Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby Fever

Tonight, while browsing Pinterest as I'm waiting for my diaper laundry to finish up... I saw this:

Three words: Instant. Baby. Fever. 

Holy crap. I want pictures like this of Adalin and a baby. Does anyone have one I can borrow for an hour or two? Seriously. Baby #2 will not be in the works for a good while, but I want this. I have to constantly remind myself that the fact that I want photos of Adalin with her future someday sibling, does not trump our life plan. We're not wanting another baby yet. As much as I'd love for Miss A to be a big sister, that's not what we have planned. I know that plans go out the window all the time, but this is one plan that I'd really like to stick with. 

I'm excited to have two babies. I want to teach Adalin to love her brother or sister as much as we will. I want to teach her how to care, and be gentle with a little human. I want her to teach him/her about life. I'm excited for those things. 

Those things still don't quite outweigh that I don't want two babies in diapers. Those things don't outweigh that our house is just not big enough for another baby. They don't outweigh that I don't want two babies who can't get snacks on their own, or tell me what they want. We're just not quite to the point of being ready yet. 

But then, I see another photo like this: 

Then I think, maybe we are. But no. Not yet. My camera is, but I'm not. I love being able to completely focus on Miss A. She's the center of our life right now, and I'm not ready to make her share. 

In time, we'll be ready. I'm excited for that day to come, but right now I'm enjoying every moment of having only one baby. ♥ 

God Bless ♥ V