Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Impressed

Adalin seems to be doing much better today. Her rash is almost completely cleared up. She's acting much more herself, but she still won't drink milk. Other than that, she's pretty much back to normal.

Today Adalin visited Dr. Crews at the Statesboro ENT clinic. I was extremely impressed. The only complaint I have was that we waited about 10 minutes past her appointment time to be seen, but that's far better than the 30 or 40 that I'm used to at Winn's ENT.

Dr. Crews was great. I've never been able to get Adalin to be comfortable around a doctor, especially one who is messing with her ears. He gave her a sucker when he walked in, and was able to look in her ears without any issues whatsoever. I was shocked! She's never been that calm around a doctor.

He agreed that tubes would be the best treatment for Miss A right now, and we're scheduled to go in bright and early Thursday morning. I'm excited that we're doing the surgery here, rather than at Winn. We'll be with her until after she's under, and the surgery will only take 4-10 minutes, rather than 15-20 like at Winn. Winn wasn't going to let us be with her when she went under, or when she woke up. At Dr. Crews, we'll be with her for both. His practice is much more personable than any other office we've been too.

I'm so glad that we found him. Hopefully I'll have even more good things to say after the procedure. I'm still anxious, since surgery is surgery... but I feel confident in Dr. Crews's skill set. He is a pediatric ENT, so he knows how to work well with children.

I'm off for the night! I'm exhausted from a rather long day.

God Bless ♥ V