Sunday, December 15, 2013

Knowledge after Two Weeks in Cloth

This post is a few days late, but here's the two week update on our cloth diapering journey.

As of Friday evening, Miss A has been exclusively in cloth for two full weeks. So far I've learned a ton, but there's still so much I don't know. Here's some general info:

Our Stash
Our stash consists of 12 FuzzinBunz One Size Elite Pockets, 2 BumGenius 4.0s, 3 BumGenius Freetimes, 1 BumGenius Elemental AIO, and 6 BottomBumpers sized AIOs. We also have a Charlie Banana Pocket that we have as back up, but I don't like it as much as the others. 

bottombumpers sized AIO
When we Use What we Use
We use the BG 4.0s at night, or a FuzziBunz if we used the BGs during the day. We always use two inserts at night, and have only had a couple minor leaks. I love the BG Freetimes. They dry much faster than the Elemental, and are soft on her bum. It's a close call between the Freetimes and the BottomBumpers for my favorites. The BottomBumpers fit slimmer than than the BGs so I like them better under jeans, or when I don't want her butt to be ginormous. The BGs seem to be a bit more absorbent though. You win some, you loose some. As long as we change her regularly, we don't have leakage issues. If she fell asleep in the car, and I don't want to wake her before putting her in the crib, sometimes she'll leak. If she drinks a ton before she naps, she might leak... but we really haven't had many issues at all. 

Storage and Changing Routine
We store our diapers already assembled. After they're washed, I put all the inserts back in, and store them folded in a tub in her room. When it's time to change her, they're ready to go. We use OsoCozy flushable liners most of the time to guard the diapers from poop. Sometimes I'm lazy and forget, but it's not difficult to get her poo off the diapers if we don't use them. I lay the liner inside the diaper and put it on like a disposable. If the previous diaper is just wet, I take out the insert and put both parts in the wet bag in her room. If it's soiled, I still take out the insert (if it's a pocket) before heading to the bathroom. I shake off what I can and then dunk the poopy part of the diaper in the water for a flush. Sometimes you have to swish and scrub a little to get it all, but we have only had one diaper that I felt the need to hose off (literally, out in the front yard... like I was washing a car). I opted to not buy a diaper sprayer because we started so late in the game. I may buy one for the next baby because baby poo is much different than toddler poo. Once I get the majority of the poo off, I throw it in the wet bag. It's easy peasy. 

BumGenius Freetime AIO
Wash Routine
I have been doing laundry every night, but since I just added five more diapers to our stash this weekend, I may attempt to hold of and wash every other night. Typically, I start a load when Miss A goes to bed around 8:00pm. All the diapers are separated (pockets pulled out, inserts unsnapped, etc) when they go in the wet bag, so I don't have to do anything except dump them in the washer. I do a cold rinse with no soap, a hot/cold wash with Rockin Green Hard Rock, and then a second cold rinse. The biggest problem I have is forgetting to start the wash cycle. Sometimes an hour or two will go by before I realize that I didn't do it. Then I get to stay up extra late to wait for them to be done. Depending on how long it takes me to start it, I either hang dry the covers and put the inserts in the dryer, or put everything in the dryer on low heat. The AIOs take a really long time to hang dry, so if I'm not really on it with starting the wash cycle, they aren't completely dry by morning. I wash the wet bag every other day, unless there's something really nasty in there. The wet bag that goes in the diaper bag gets washed every 2-3 times we use it (again, unless something really nasty goes in there), which averages out to 1-2 times per week. 

So far, we're still loving it. If I can get a little better with remembering to start my wash cycle, we will have no kinks in the system. I'm nervous to put her back in disposables for our trip to and from Michigan. She might end up staying in cloth on the way up since we aren't planning on stopping, but I believe she'll be back in Pampers for a few days on our way home. We'll see... maybe I'll surprise myself and stick with it both ways. I'll keep you all updated. I do have a Pinterest Board dedicated to cloth as well. If you have other questions about my experience, please post them in the comments! I'd love to help others who are starting out with cloth, especially those who switched later in their baby's life. 

God Bless ♥ V