Thursday, December 12, 2013

Surgery Number Two

Adalin's surgery went great today. We were at the doctors for less than an hour, including waiting in the lobby, prep, surgery, and aftercare. The doctor did a great job easing all of our fears. Here's how everything went down.

We left home at 5:50am to give us time to stop for an energy drink for hubs, and a water for me. After traveling through post during PT traffic, we still arrived up in Statesboro about 30 minutes early. We drove around for a little bit to explore town a little more. Once we killed a little time, we headed to Dr. Crews' office.

We waited in the waiting room for 10 or 15 minutes, but we really were pretty early... Adalin loves the fish tank they have there. I think we know what she's getting for her next birthday.

The allowed us to come in with her until after the anesthesia knocked her out. That was a weird experience. I felt good knowing that I was the last thing she saw before she knocked out, but it was somewhat terrifying watching my baby girl drift off into space. I freaked out a little when she let go of my hand and started wheezing, but the doctor and anesthesiologist quickly assured me that it's completely normal. In fact, those sounds are expected. 

We walked out and talked with a nurse for a minute or two, Jimmy and I both peed, and then sat in the waiting room for no more than two minutes. The doctor walked out and said she was done and we could come see her. I walked in to Miss A peacefully knocked out in a nurses arms, not yet awake from the anesthesia. I was able to hold her immediately, until she woke up. Then she wanted daddy. She was only under for a total of about 10 minutes, start to finish. We were able to leave the doctors office less than 20 minutes after she was out of surgery.

She cried for a good bit of the ride home, more because she was still groggy from the medicine. Once she was asleep, she was out. She woke up when we got home, ate some lunch, and hung out with me for a few hours. Jimmy had to return to work, which I was sad about... but that's part of this life. She then knocked out for a four hour nap. That never happens. I know the medicine was still wearing off, and that she was exhausted. Once she woke up, she was much more herself. 

Jimmy got home about an hour and a half after she woke up. By then, she was almost completely her normal self. She went to sleep tonight without a fight, which is normal. Bathtime didn't seem to bother her ears at all. She's such a trooper. 

I'm relieved that everything went smoothly. We have a check up in a little over three weeks to make sure everything heals properly. I'm already feeling confident that this was the right choice for her. 

Thank you for all the prayers and love surrounding our little girl. We're lucky to have so many people who care for us. 

God Bless ♥ V