Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Three Days in Cloth

We've made it through three full days in cloth diapers! I am beyond impressed. For those who are just now tuning in, we switched Adalin to cloth diapers because she's been fighting some wicked diaper rash for a while. Rather than trying yet another ointment or diaper rash cream, we switched her. Within 12 hours, the rash was already easing up. Three days later, I'm elated to say that it's almost completely gone. There are two small spots left that were the worst from the beginning.

I'm telling you, anyone who wants to do cloth can do it. I never thought I'd be as into cloth as I am, especially only being three days in, but I love it. The worst part for me is the laundry. I hate doing laundry, but it's really not too bad. My current wash routine starts when Adalin gets into the bath. I take the last diaper of the day, along with everything else she's worn from the day and stick it all in the washer. I do a cold rinse cycle, then hot wash with Rockin Green detergent, followed by another cold rinse (I just add the second rinse cycle on my washer). That part takes about two hours, depending on how quickly I realize the first rinse is done. Once they're done, I hang up the shells in the guest bathroom, and put the inserts in the dryer on low heat. The last two days, the dryer hasn't completely dried them, so I run it twice.

I store the diapers in her room, with inserts in place so I don't have to do anything extra when I'm changing her. I still love using the liners on her diapers. It makes it way easier to get the poo off.

I'm still pretty insecure in my skills. There are tons of acronyms that I don't understand. I'm constantly googling, and calling the friend who got me started on this to get advice. I know that the longer I do this, the more comfortable I'll get.

I encourage anyone who is interested in cloth diapering to research a little bit. I'm so glad I finally dove in. It's been far easier than I was expecting.

God Bless ♥ V