Friday, January 31, 2014

18 Months

I can not believe my sweet baby girl is eighteen months old today. I don't know where the past year and a half has gone. I'm so emotional today. So much has changed, even in just the past six months.
Left: First Birthday -- Right: Almost 18 Months
Where did my baby go? She's looking so grown up and beautiful. My sweet girl's baby cheeks are gone. Even though she's only gained about three pounds in the last six months, she's so much bigger. She's in 24 months and 2T clothing now. Her hair has grown so much. All of it goes into a pony tail now.

Development wise, she's so advanced. I'm beyond proud of how smart my sweet girl is. She is starting to learn her colors and shapes. She knows almost all of her body parts (more difficult ones like shoulders and elbows still stump her). She helps dress and undress herself. She knows where her snacks are, and tells us when she's hungry. She's constantly talking. Her vocabulary is so vast. She is speaking so clearly now, it amazes me. 

Today was also Miss A's first day at daycare. I chose to enroll her part time for a few reasons. Between school and photography, I have no "mommy time" anymore. Even though I'm only planning on using the eight hours a week that she's at daycare for school and getting work done... a quite house is such a nice change. It's also great for Miss A. She got to play with six other kids her age today. She's never been around that many kids her size before. She's in what they call the "waddler" room (13 months to early two-year-olds). From what her teacher told me, she did great. I'm excited to incorporate this into our weekly routine now. 

I guess I'm off! Time to go spend some quality time with my munchkin. Mommy missed her lovings this morning. 

God Bless ♥ V