Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 Goals

This year, I'm setting a ton of goals for myself. I made a list in a Google Doc that I plan on printing out and hanging in our bathroom, and maybe in the kitchen (if I'm brave) so I'll see it all the time. Rather than set resolutions that will be completely changing my life, I am setting goals to work towards. I'm not going to stress too badly if I don't reach them completely by the end of January, or June, or November... I just want a place to work towards. Some of the things on my list are:

Getting Healthy Before Baby #2
With my first pregnancy, I gained 30 pounds (give or take two), which I was pretty happy with. I managed to stay relatively healthy throughout, and started at a healthy weight. I lost all my baby weight within about three months. Well.... I'm fairly certain I gained about ten pounds in the month of December. Holidays were not good for me this year. I would like to get back to pre-pregnancy weight again, but not just the weight. I want to be active and feel good about my fitness before we start trying for Baby #2.

Spend More Time Off-line
I want to be more present. I plan on putting Miss A in part time daycare this year, which will allow me to get school work and photography work done while she's not home. That means less time on the computer when she's home and more time playing with her. I want to be more social with my husband too. Work cuts into our personal time far too much. I would love to have an hour of "us" time every day to discuss our days, communicate, and love each other.

Get More Self Confidence
I want to be more confident in every aspect of my life. I second guess myself way more often than I should. I want to own my photography. I want to own my parenting views and my relationship. I want to own my body. I want to own my life.

Grow My Business
I have lots of goals for my photograph business, including getting my license and insurance. Those two should be easily obtainable in January or February. But more than that, I want to grow my skill set. With my new camera, I can work better in low light, as well as outside. I want to push myself. I don't want to settle for where I'm at and plateau. I want business to boom.

There are lots of other things on my list, both for photography and for my personal life. I don't feel like sharing all of them, but they're all something to work towards, not to change overnight. The new year isn't necessarily something miraculous that is going to change my mindset completely. "Oh gosh, it's 2014. That means I need to eat only vegetables and go to the gym 26 times a week." No... it doesn't work that way for me... but I would like to start somewhere. If that means going to the gym once a week by the end of December, at least it's progress from where I'm at now.

I hope all of you have at least one goal you'd like to achieve this year. Whether it's a simple, "spend less money on gas," or an extensive, "run three marathons," choose a goal and come up with a way to make it happen.

God Bless ♥ V