Thursday, February 06, 2014

Bottombumpers Review and Giveaway! (Ended)

*This is a sponsored review. The opinions are mine and are unaltered by the sponsorship.*

I have the pleasure of partnering with The Natural Baby to review and give away what is now one of my favorite diapers. As some of you had read, I bought some bottombumpers diapers when we first started using cloth. We had been using the sized snap diapers. Bottombumpers also has a one size diaper that I was nervous to try. I've heard mixed things about one size diapers. Shoot, I've experienced mixed things about one size diapers. So I was hesitant to use these. Yet, I'm so glad I did.

These diapers are awesome. Take a look at the inside:
The colored snaps are what you adjust to make the diaper bigger or smaller. Since Miss A is almost 26 pounds, we have the diaper completely opened up (as recommended by bottombumpers). It fits her perfectly! Take a look:

We haven't had any leakage issues and they're super absorbent. They're amazing quality and I'll definitely be buying more. I can't believe how small they get, and how much room Miss A still has in them. They're a great diaper from newborn to potty training. I'm so excited to get a few more. 

So who wants one? The Natural Baby was awesome enough to not only sponsor my review, but also a giveaway! She's giving away a one size bottombumpers cloth diaper to one lucky reader! The winner will have their choice of color and options. She's also given me a discount code  for 5% off  anything on their website for all my awesome readers. 
The discount is: VictoriaSimmons

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